His First Birthday!

I can’t believe that N is one already. Already! It makes you really aware of how quickly time flies. I’ve been really conscious that we could have only 18-20 years left of him living at home, and as this first year has gone so quickly, that remaining time is going to go really quickly too! Scary!

But hey, he has only had his first birthday so let’s just focus on that.


First Birthday
His first car is a Mercedes lol!

As his birthday is just after Christmas he really didn’t need very much at all. He was so lucky at Christmas getting all sorts of awesome things so he didn’t need much.

Our plan, at least for now, is to save some money to buy him things in the spring for the summer.

Of course we got him some presents, it wouldn’t feel right to get him nothing. The main things he got are:

  • Play cube
  • Toy garage set
  • Sports centre where he can play basketball and football
  • xylophone (what were we thinking!)
  • a little toy tool bench
  • Mercedes toy car
  • Some Spurs pajamas!

Plus some other bits and bobs. Everyone else was generous enough to give some money on the whole so we could buy a little playhouse for him in the garden (along with a few actual presents which was lovely). We aren’t going to buy it yet as it’s winter so there’s no point, and he can’t walk so still no point!

He is nicely set up for the spring though!

Party Time

Of course with it being his first birthday we had to have a party!

First Birthday
Here’s his fab tool bench!

We went to a cafe called Babyccinos. We hired the whole place and invited our family. There were 13 adults and 8 children in total so quite a full cafe! It was all uncles, aunties, grandparents and cousins (and myself and Clare surprisingly!).

The cafe was fantastic. They have an area for the babies to crawl around which is fenced in (only a small wooden garden fence a foot tall, not some sort of prison fence!) with a number of toys. Surrounding this is a seating area where the adults can get great coffee and some food.

Also there they have another room with a climbing area and slide in it. The great thing about that room is the fact there is a camera to see what’s going on, and that camera is linked to a TV screen in the cafe. As such, we were able to sit in the cafe, drinking coffee and eating cake whilst being able to keep an eye on the kids playing in that room. A great idea if you ask me!

Also, they have another room for other parties, like X-box parties, or film parties. A great idea for older kids.

So anyway, they did food (and some amazing millionaire shortbread – I love the stuff!) and some amazing coffee. It was so great I only wished it was longer.

N was a star and really enjoyed playing with his cousins. We all sang Happy Birthday to him, plus the extra verse my Mum came up with. It’s a family tradition now and one we keep going for every birthday even though my Mum is no longer with us. I guess it’s like her being there in a way.

After Party

First Birthday
Here’s his play cube

Nana was with us to stay which was lovely. N loves Nana so he was a happy boy, you can tell in his smiles. Grandpa came back to our house for a couple of hours too which N loved also.

Sadly, although he should have one, N didn’t want to have a little nap. It is his birthday after all, he doesn’t want to miss play time with Nana and Grandpa! It took a long time but he had a nap eventually (after we got him up for another play!).

Lucky Boy

He is such a lucky boy to have had such a lovely party with all his family there. N really seemed to enjoy himself on his birthday. He loved opening his presents and ripping the paper, playing at his party and seeing everyone. He had a marvellous day.

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