Trip to Tropical World

On one of our Dad and Lad days we went to Tropical World in Leeds (here). We always like to get out and see interesting places, including lots of places where there are animals. We also recently went to Chester Zoo, another time we went to see animals!

N has started to recognise animals now too, cats, dogs and birds, so we think he enjoys seeing them too!

Tropical World – The Basics

See the Iguanas and other lizards here…

In essence it’s a small zoo of tropical animals.

The great thing about it is that in some of the areas you’re only separated from the animal areas by rope rather than the animals being behind glass. You’re walking through their world.

Clearly in other areas you can’t walk through their landscape. I don’t think you’d be safe to walk through an area with meerkats, plus of course, the priority is the animals so we need to give them space.

Tropical World – Practicalities

On arrival you’ll note that there is no parking directly at Tropical World. You have to park further down the road at Roundhay Park. Once parked it’s a few minutes walk to get there.

Tropical World Waterfall
N loved this waterfall!

To get in it’s £7 for adults (some discounts available) and £3.50 for children. It’s a fair price to be honest. You could probably spend an hour or so wandering around there.

The other thing to know is that it’s all indoors. It’s a great place to go when the weather is rubbish. Of course everyone else knows that too. It was raining when we went but that was a Friday so it wasn’t that busy.

There’s a cafe at Tropical World too. There’s a good selection of different food available, and they have some amazing Millionaire Shortbread! I love the stuff and have eaten it from lots of different places, I’d recommend it here!

The gift shop is pretty sizeable too with loads of different things to buy. As per most shops in such attractions there are loads of animal things for sale that are not actual part of the attraction. Giraffe things, zebras, sharks etc. I guess it would be a quite limited range if they didn’t!

Tropical World – What To See

There are loads of different animals here. Don’t expect anything big, it’s not really large enough for that. I guess the clue is in the name though, it’s called ‘Tropical World’ for a reason. You wouldn’t find a tiger in the tropical world of a jungle setting would you?!

Tropical World is split into different zones:


This area has a fab waterfall which N loved (the boy does love water!). It covers things like leaf cutter ants and fancy frogs.


Hmm, I wonder if you can guess what’s in here? So many fish. Obviously it’s not as big as somewhere like The Deep but enough to entertain!


Meerkats of course! Loads of places have meerkats nowadays and Tropical World is no exception.

Rainforest Canopy

This covers monkeys and birds. Here birds fly around you so keep your eyes open as you walk through!

Creature Corner

Here is the area for those smaller creatures (though they’re not all small!!), like snakes, iguanas and lizards etc, plus other reptiles.


This is a cool part of Tropical World where it goes dark and you walk through seeing animals like bats that enjoy the darkness.


Funnily enough if we went again now N would enjoy this area more as he has recently started pointing out butterflies in books.

Overall how it is split is great and it flows through nicely from one area to the next. N loved going through here, pointing at all sorts of different things throughout the different zones.

Tropical World – Summary

Tropical World Bats
Here are the bats in the nocturnal area

This is a great option for when the weather is poor. It’s all indoors and is great to entertain the little ones. To be fair, it’s a great option even when it’s not poor weather. The price is reasonable and there’s plenty to see. Yes it’s warm in there (you’ll be taking your coat off, and jumper!) but it’s called Tropical World for a reason! I would highly recommend going here.

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