Below are all the different categories in my blog…

Daddy Stuff 

It’s not always easy being a Dad. I try and note here all the dilemmas and uncertainties in being a Dad in the modern world

Days Out 

All about family days out together and the things we get up to. Where is good for a family day out? We’ll be trying them and telling you!

Early Days 

Those early days, the delights and challenges faced by new parents are captured here. Perhaps not a read for the faint hearted!

Family Life 

This section is about those things related to us as a family (including Rocky and Charlie of course!) and our parenting adventures.

Guest Blogs

It’s a great pleasure to have some special guest blogs on my site, plus to show you other great blogs. Look here for them.


You have to buy so much when you have a new baby. Here I’ll tell you my thoughts, including on products I have bought myself.


Holidays! Aren’t they the best times in life (or some of them anyway!). So this is the place I capture them all.