Simply a Covid-19 Poem

In China it started

And spread far and wide

No country on Earth

Could run far and hide

The Coronavirus came

It crept up unseen

At first we were told only to

“Keep your hands clean”

The young and the old

They all got it too

Anyone anywhere

It’s coming for you

And so it got worse

Too many were dying

Despite the best efforts

But we kept on trying

“Stay home, stay safe”

Boris said on repeat

“Protect the NHS

Covid we’ll defeat”

Restaurants and shops

Closed all around

Nowhere was open

Nothing to be found

If it wasn’t medical

Or out to buy food

We had once daily exercise

To help with our mood

We worked from home

Wherever we could

We looked after our kids

Home schooling we would

So we stayed in our homes

We didn’t go out

Except 8pm on Thursdays

For the NHS a shout

They are the bravest

Our warriors defend

Oh how the country

On them we depend

PPE they do lack

This we all know

“They’re using it wrong”

Oh what a show

Splash the cash

We must help them live

So much they have given

Yet so much they can give

They fight without food

No water all day

Yet politicians laughed

At a fair rise in pay

Where will it end?

When will it cease?

When will all the world

Find much needed peace?

A vaccine must be found

Looking we all are

We will keep on searching

From near or from far

The world is trying

To solve the crisis

A solution must be found

To help us through this

So I say with all praise

To the NHS thank you

We can tell you love us

And we love you too

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