Happy Halloween 2020 – Doing More Than Ever!

Perhaps it’s just me but it seems that people are doing more for Halloween in 2020 than ever before. I’m not surprised. After the horrendous 2020 we’ve all had thanks to COVID-19 we all need a release, something to focus our attentions on, and Halloween came at just the right time. We certainly did more than we did before.

Just the right time for two reasons. Firstly because we are all absolutely fed up of the restrictions placed on us due to COVID-19 by the Tories. Yes we may agree restrictions are needed but there have been more U-turns than a faulty Sat Nav and guidance as clear as mud. We’ve reached the end of our patience but keep plodding on to keep people safe.

The other reason it has come at the right time is because it is understood that we will be in another national lockdown soon (another U-turn) so we won’t be able to do as many things as we currently can.


He’s created some fab pictures!

For a little while we’ve been planning some nice decorations. N is old enough to understand what’s going on now (he’s nearly 3) so we thought decorating the lounge would be a good idea.

N has created some pictures. A witch, monster and pumpkin, all out of pieces of paper he glued on to a picture (ok the top 3 are mine).

We have ghosts hanging from the ceiling, as well as pumpkins. A helium balloon, pumpkin cut outs. All sorts of decorations.

Pumpkin Picking!

This year, for the first time, N has been pumpkin picking. We went somewhere called Farmer Copley’s. Having not actually been to one myself before (having never really been in to Halloween) I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, but I ended up being very impressed!

Off he goes!

As we entered there was a large area selling all sorts of food and drinks, plus a number of areas for some photo opportunities, like sticking your head inside a wooden pumpkin, or standing next to a witch.

After going through this area we went into the three fields full of pumpkins. N really seemed to like two things. Firstly stomping in all of the mud and getting his dinosaur wellies covered!! Secondly, finding the worst looking pumpkins he could find! As we went on the day before Halloween I guess a lot of the best ones have gone already but N decided to go fo the ones with big holes in that were rotting! To be fair, he would generally just run to one and then run to find the next one. We ended up with a good one though (in the end!).

Halloween pumpkin! Argh, ghost!!

Getting home and carving it took a long time! N wanted a Paw Patrol pumpkin but I decided that was just too complicated. In the end we settled on a ghost. I’ve carved two before but this was the only one directly related to Halloween. N liked to help me scoop out the insides, going to get his own spoon to stick it inside and get the seeds out (one at a time!). We got there eventually though!

Spooky Fields at Thornton Hall Country Park

Here we go! Ghostbusters!

Trying to think of something to do during these COVID-19 times was not straightforward. Finding something socially distanced enough but also entertaining was an interesting dilemma.

However, we’ve been to Thornton Hall Country Park before. Basically it’s a drive through farm safari. There are sheep, alpacas, cows, deer, emus, horses, chickens, goats. So many animals to look at.

This time it was Spooky Fields. Essentially the same journey around the farm but lined with all sorts of Halloween related fun (actors mainly!), like witches, zombies, a ghost (we were ghostbusters trying to save Jasp the ghost!), as well as all sorts of decorations like a cemetery.

The actors were great. Most were children dressed up as characters who would come to your car and stare relentlessly at you through the window! They were that good N got scared unfortunately and had to have some cuddles. He didn’t like the witches but it was the zombies that set him off really. Poor lad.

Home Time!

Yum yum! Halloween party food!

At home we did some baking of a millionaire shortbread (my favourite) as I saw a video on Facebook and couldn’t help myself! He really enjoyed making it but it took a long time, so long we didn’t actually eat any of it on Halloween itself!

We watched some suitably Halloween related things such as Toy Story Horror (only 21 minutes long so he was ok focusing for that time!). We had a really nice party tea too, including retro vol-au-vents! Plus of course some spooky cakes afterwards.

Following that we had a little disco too, complete with disco light! Nathan’s choice of dancing was jumping around whilst cheering. Absolutely adorable!

What A Great Day!

We had a fantastic day, we really did. The most important thing though was that N really enjoyed himself (other than the zombies!), which he certainly did, especially eating some spooky cakes!

And for anyone wondering if recommend Spooky Fields at Thornton Hall Country Park, and they have a more grown up version at night too! I’d also recommend pumpkin picking at Farmer Copley’s. Some good choices made by us!

Hope you had a great Halloween too!

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