First Christmas For N

What an incredibly special day we had on Christmas Day in 2018. It was little Ns first ever Christmas! It’s also nearly his birthday, I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown since he came into the world, since we got up at 5am to go to hospital, and since we heard his first cry. But that’s for another post, this one’s about his first Christmas!


He didn’t wake up until we got him up at about 8:30 which was impressive! A nice lie in for Mummy and Daddy (and Nana) on Christmas Day…soon it will be quite the opposite!! Yes, this year we stayed with Nana in Liverpool.

He didn’t open any of his presents from Santa for quite a while as we went to one of his auntie and uncles for breakfast. The little carb monster loved his toast as we tucked into a bacon and sausage butty! I reckon he lost out there but he was delighted!

Some nice presents from aunties and uncles (and cousins!!) were opened by him. Some musical books and Hey Duggee characters amongst other nice things.

After that we headed back to Nanas house.


First Christmas
Here’s his Beat Bo

While he had a sleep (much to his annoyance!) we opened our amazing presents, including a special desk calendar he had bought me and some socks with photos of his on that he had bought for Mummy.

Once he woke it was then time to tackle the mountain of gifts for him! Five hours later we…only joking, it wasn’t that bad. He was great at helping to open his gifts. He got all sorts, including

  • singing Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden
  • Beatbo Dancing Robot
  • Duplo table (and Duplo present from another of his aunties and uncles and cousins)
  • trike from Grandpa
  • play kitchen from Nana

Plus so many other things. He was so lucky!


First Christmas
Here’s Mr T Rex!

Christmas dinner is such an important part of the day isn’t it. It’s funny how much pressure we all put on ourselves for one day. In fact, not even one day, it’s one meal! The queues and battles that go on in a supermarket around Christmas just show how important it is!

Ours was fantastic. Every year now we get our turkey from a local farm shop. They debone the turkey and roll it up and smother it in bacon. It’s amazing! The whole meal was superb. Plus, importantly, N actually ate some. He was kicking off at first refusing to even try some, but he did eat it in the end, and he loved it. He was crying out for more!

Boxing Day

This was a really nice day too. In the afternoon loads of family and friends came over to visit us. There were 17 people in total (including us), including five children, three of whom were babies! As you can imagine much of the party was taken up chasing after N as he tried to get things he shouldn’t (like baubles on the tree), though he did break a snow globe! Doh!

I think he enjoyed himself though, especially with the other babies and his other cousins which he clearly loves.

Charlie (our dog) loves it too, managing to steal a sandwich from our nieces hand and climbing on a chair to steal turkey from a platter after we had finished! The cheeky dog! He was in the dog house after that!

It Was Brilliant!!

Our Christmas was fantastic. Having a child there enjoying himself makes such a difference to the day. Yes you’re tired, shattered by running around after a crawling baby and stopping him from grabbing and breaking stuff (mostly succeeding!), but it was so much fun!

He was such a delight. He ate well, slept well and really enjoyed opening his presents and liked playing with them. I really can’t imagine how Christmas could have gone any better!

How was yours? Did you have a nice time too?


    1. Yeah, he looks at it a bit, drags it down on to the floor and then bashes the back of its head! Still, he’s happy! The batteries seem to go really quick though, or maybe ours is faulty.

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