What Would He Want For Christmas?

It’s coming up to Christmas and although we’ve got some great presents for N and I’m sure Santa has some too, it begs the question, at nearly 12 months, what would he really want right now if he could pick?


This boy loves wires and will literally head butt stuff to either get it out the way or to get closer to reach wires. His dream would to be allowed to just sit on the floor chewing wires.

What’s this long thin thing? I want it. I want it in my mouth more that I’ve ever wanted anything.

No N, you can’t have wires. Here’s your Duplo train, look at the passengers on it.

Ah, those passengers look tasty. Into my mouth they go. Oh wait, what was I doing? Yes, the long thin thing. I want it. Let me reach for it. This big drawer thing is in the way. I’ll head butt that out the way.

No N you can’t have wires you cheeky boy.

Must have it.

No, you can’t have wires.

And repeat…you get the idea!


We can’t fill this boy. He will just eat and eat and eat. Recently we had a great example. He was very upset for some unknown reason (you know how babies are!), probably tired, but as soon as I showed him a snack and held it out he literally screamed with joy! He loves food so much. Sometimes he is a bit picky, especially when tired, but when he is in the mood he won’t stop! For Christmas he would especially like anything we are eating.

You have a plate. That means food. Waah waah!

What is it N? This is Mummy’s food.

Hmm, she is resisting me. I must crawl over and pine at her and reach for the food.

No this is Mummy’s food! It’s her breakfast.

“Mama Mama” oh yes, now I’ll smack my lips together to show I want the food. That works!

Oh go on then you can have some toast!

Daddy’s Ear

Whenever I pick him up he loves sticking his finger right in my ear. I don’t just mean the outside bit, I mean really in the ear canal. Those little fingers love to worm their way in there and fidget about. He’s not even looking at my ear, he’s watching where we are going. He just absentmindedly fidgets in my ear! As such, I figure he would love to just have open access to my ear!


First Baby Christmas Glasses
N would love a cat in glasses! It would combine two of his favourite things!

He thoroughly enjoys grabbing our glasses. I reckon it’s a risk with babies of anyone wearing glasses isn’t it! Babies just seem to love grabbing them. I guess they’re in easy reach when you’re holding your baby. So getting N access to glasses would be a dream for him or maybe the glasses have to be on someones face, so perhaps that’s his ideal present, to just be allowed to grab glasses on our faces.

Mummy’s Hair

Oh it’s so lovely isn’t it N?

Yes Daddy, it’s very pretty and I like it in my hands. I love to grab it and pull it to see how strong it is.

You know you’re not supposed to do that though? It hurts Mummy when you do it.

Does it Daddy? I tell you what I’ll pull it gently.

No, you can’t pull it at all

Hmm, we’ll see Daddy. I like it a LOT. I love to grab and pull it. Hmmmmmm.

Mobile Phone

I don’t know what it is about mobile phones but babies REALLY want them, especially N. He likes nothing more than literally throwing himself across you in order to grab a phone. I don’t understand how babies have no sense of self preservation. I have literally watched him crawl to the end of our bed (when I put him in the middle of the bed so I could get dressed) and just not stop at all, even when he got to the edge! I stopped him of course but they’re crazy these babies!

Pet Fur

First Baby Christmas Charlie
He would love open access to pull fur!

He likes the dog very much. He loves the cat even more. He can now say “Cat” and “Dog” when he can be bothered which shows you how much he likes them both. But what he likes to do the most is grab their fur and try to yank it. “Kind hands. Kind hands” we say as we demonstrate what to do, hoping he picks it up at some point, but oh no! He’ll just grab it and yank it! As such, we now have to keep them largely separate from each other! Giving him open access to pet fur would be amazing for him!

A Visit From Justin

If you have a young child you’ll know who Justin is. He of Justin’s House and Mr Tumble fame (oops, yes they are the same person. Maybe I’ve let the cat out of the bag there!). N would absolutely love a visit from him. Every time he comes on the TV he smiles and giggles even though he has no idea what’s going on. I reckon he likes the songs and the colours, but whatever it is he likes it!

But What Will Santa Bring?

Well, none of these things I’m sure as they’re not on his Christmas list! Let’s just wait and see!

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