Baby Bath Tubs You Should Get

I love giving my son a bath. So much so I’ve written posts about it (and even did a video about it for a well known company but their project got canned!). For me it’s been a great time to bond with him as it has always been ‘Dad and lad’ time. 

Over the last eleven months though he has obviously grown quite a bit and his abilities have changed significantly. As such the bath tub/equipment we’ve used has changed with him.

Given my experiences I thought I’d show you what we have used so you can see if they are good for you too.

But, can’t you just use the same bath throughout?

Can’t you just use your normal bath?

To be honest you probably could but it would be hard with a newborn to keep them supported, and with a baby that’s on the move they can easily slip (trust me I know!). I’m all for the easy life so if I can spend a relatively small amount and save effort and stress I’m all for it, especially when you’re a new parent! There’s enough going on!

Newborn to 6 Months

Baby Bath Tub Shnuggle
Here’s the fab Shnuggle bath…

This time is all about setting up a good nighttime routine of course, and for many this involves a bath. At first they don’t need a bath all that frequently but when they do they need to be safe and the experience needs to be really pleasant for them, but also for you.

As such the Shnuggle bath really helps you out.

I’ve also written a post all about giving a newborn a bath. Hopefully that may help too!

There are a number of great benefits of this bath:

  • The size of it means you don’t have to use too much water
  • It’s flexible where you put it as it’s not that big (we put it on the floor in his bedroom to give N a bath)
  • It has a bump in the base which stops your baby slipping down
  • It has some padding where the baby leans against on the back which is comfortable and helps stop slippage

It’s great because you have both hands free with no worry about them slipping all over the place and you don’t use much water.

We had to move on from this bath when N started pushing his feet on the bottom and arching his back – a clear risk. I forget exactly when he did this but it was six months or earlier.

However, I would definitely recommend this bath, it was great!

6 Months to 9 Months

Baby Bath Tub Seat
This is the Angelcare Bath Tub Seat

This is a relatively short step and if I’m totally honest if your child is excellent at sitting up straight by themselves then you could consider moving straight to step three. However, if your baby has outgrown the Shnuggle bath but is not ready for step three The this is a good transition aide.

We used the Angelcare Bath Tub Seat to help move on after the Shnuggle Bath.

In essence this is a seat that gets auctioned on to the base of your bath and the baby sits in it. Again there are a number of advantages:

  • It’s very easy to install
  • Your baby is very supported which helps reduce risk significantly
  • It’s great quality

However, I do have a number of challenges with it:

  • It’s actually quite hard to get your hands in and wash the whole of your baby as the seat gets in the way
  • As you are putting it in the bath you have to use a fair bit of water each time
  • It’s not always easy to get your baby in the seat as you have to thread their legs through. It would be easier to be able to remove something that goes across their legs and add it once they are in the seat

As such, I have mixed feelings about the seat but it did fulfil a need and helped us transition from stage one to stage three.

9 Months to Big Bath

The time you decide to just use the big bath is up to you and depends entirely on your child, but until then I would suggest you consider the Tiny Tots Inflatable Travel Bath.

Baby Bath Tub Inflatable
Tiny Tots Inflatable Bath Tub

We bought this originally for our holiday to Ibiza. In the end though, due to limited space, we decided not to take it. While we were away I ended up using a pool float as a bath for N which gave me the idea when I got back to use the travel bath as a normal bath for him.

What’s so good about this bath?

Let me tell you:

  • It’s very inexpensive (£11.99 on Amazon at time of writing)
  • It fits nicely in the bath
  • It has a little bump in the bottom of it so your child has less chance of slipping
  • It’s a blow up bath which means if they do slip it’s soft for them to land on
  • Due to its size you use a lot less water than in a full size bath

I can’t really think of many negative points about it. I don’t blow it up each use, I just leave it inflated between baths so after I’ve blown it up once that’s it.

I really can’t fault it.

That’s All You’ll Need

They are all the items you’ll need to graduate your baby from being a newborn to using a full sized bath.

The beauty of it is if you are able to go from the Shnuggle bath to blow up bath you really won’t spend that much at all. I genuinely would buy the blow up bath again, I’d definitely recommend it to you. It’s so inexpensive but does a great job.

Anyway, hope that helps if you’re wondering what bath tubs to get for your baby.

Have you tried any other baby bath tubs? Were they any good?


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