Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 17th August

Dear Father Hood: Toilet Training – Why Does My Son Give Himself Erections And Pee Everywhere?

Blogger: Father Hood

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What fun to come with toilet training!
What fun to come with toilet training!

It’s always useful to hear stories of how kids are getting on slightly further down the line than yourself, and this is no exception. Toilet training is quite a way down the line but I can’t wait! To not have to change nappies anymore! However, some of the aspects on this post I wasn’t really aware of so it’s really useful to read this! I wonder if you experienced this, especially with boys???

Adoption Panel – The Biggest Interview Of Your Life!

Blogger: Daddy & Dad

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This is a great post, a really fascinating insight into what happens with an adoption panel. The Dad of this blog is on the panel and so gives a really fascinating insight into what it’s like on an adoption panel and what goes on. If you’re thinking of adopting, or looking to see what goes on, this is a great read.

If you know someone who is looking to adopt I would recommend you share this with them…

Can A Daddy Blog Support A Family Of Five?

Blogger: Dad Blog UK

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I’ve always wondered how a blog could support a family. How can someone earn enough money to live from a blog? I’m not considering giving up my job to do this full time, this is a hobby and something I just enjoy doing, and mainly as a diary for N, but it has intrigued me.

This post from Dad Blog UK is an interview of another Dad blogger at Diary of the Dad. In it this Dad explains why he left his job to become a full time blogger and the impact it has had on him. It’s a fascinating read for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

What Are The Best Dad Jokes?

Blogger: One Hull Of A Dad

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This is the reaction we expect with these jokes!
This is the reaction we expect with these jokes!

Who doesn’t love a Dad joke? Bad enough to make you groan yet funny enough to make you chuckle.

I wonder how many of these you’ve heard before, or indeed I wonder how many you’ve said yourself before now! My wife’s favourite joke in at number 4. Number 1 is a good favourite of mine. The last one is one of my favourites too…

Trying To Find Time When You Have A Toddler

Blogger: The DADventurer

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Firstly, I have a new appreciation reading this for quite how much time toddlers take up, and quite how little time I will have to do anything. It’s a revealing insight to the world of toddlers including the random removal of their nappy – what fun to come! It also makes me wonder when I will get time to blog, ever!

Secondly thing about this post is that it gives some useful hints and tips to save yourself time. Many I’m doing but there are some to think about!

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blog posts just click here.

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