Strolling In The Deep

We recently went to The Deep in Hull for a day out with N. N really seemed to enjoy his time there. He was smiling and giggling at the fish and loved the different lighting there. We did go on a wet Sunday in August though so it was very busy, but I’ll get to that later!

The Deep Basics

The Deep is a great place to go!
The Deep is a great place to go!

It’s an aquarium. A fairly impressive one at that. We’ve been before a few times. It has about 3,500 fish (took me a while to count them!) plus the obligatory penguins of course!

You can watch the animals being fed, see diving shows and presentations. There’s a touch pool and a fantastic glass tunnel to walk under and watch animals including sharks.

It’s open 10am-6pm each day other than 24th and 25th December.

Getting To The Deep

Not too bad actually. Straight along the motorway from us, stick on the M62 and the same road into Hull and then pull off and follow the road to The Deep.

There are some great enclosures for the fish
There are some great enclosures for the fish

There was a large queue when we got there but it seemed to be moving quite well. They do advise getting there at 10am when they open or after 2pm when it will be quieter. They also explain that, of course, summer holidays are busier and it’s busier on wet days. As such, going on a wet day in the summer holidays was perhaps not the best idea!

When you get in they quickly take your photo if you want to turn your membership into an annual one (no extra cost so why not?!), give you your tickets and you’re in. It’s £13.50 for adults, £11.50 for children up to 15 and those under 3 are free. Slight discounts are available if you buy online. The website does give you a guide to get there on public transport too which I think is good.

Once Inside The Deep

Wandering around you can really see the money they have invested. The quality of the finish here is excellent. It has been open a few years now but they keep it looking good really well, both outside and inside the exhibits.

Always a fan of Penguins!
Always a fan of Penguins!

The aquarium is laid out very well with different types of fish being grouped together into zones such as a Kingdom of Ice, Lagoon of Light and an Amazon Flooded Forest. You essentially follow a path through the whole aquarium to go through these zones.

The amount of fish and the diversity you see really is fantastic. You can’t fault it. Jelly fish, sword fish, sharks, clown fish (yes I’m sure your kids will yell “there’s Nemo!”). There are also penguins which for the big readers of my blog you’ll realise quite how much that pleased my wife!

Here's the menu from our visit
Here’s the menu from our visit

There’s a restaurant there too. It’s not too expensive at all which is good and the food isn’t too bad either. There are both hot and cold meals available as well as other snacks and drinks. It’s a little tight in the seating area though. We struggled to manoeuvre our pram to a clean table and struggled getting out. There is a baby food heating station there though with everything you need to prepare food for babies which I was very impressed with.


In terms of accessibility for prams and wheelchairs it’s very good. Getting in there is a separate entrance for those with mobility issues. Everywhere has ramps and lifts. In fact once you’re in there are very few steps indeed, most of it is just one long slope. I mentioned the cafe being a bit tricky for a pram – this wouldn’t be bad at all if we were not there on a wet day in the summer holiday. There was a lift to a second level of the restaurant so perhaps it was better up there.  While we were waiting to get in we saw someone getting on a scooter they were borrowing. A great idea!

Changing facilities were good. Spacious and unisex which is always important. They were fairly frequent too. They could only accommodate one child at once which was ok, but it did mean the entryway to the changing room (which was also the entrance to both toilets) got pretty busy and a queue formed. They do have a ‘Changing Places’ toilet too, which you can use even if you’re not visiting The Deep.

The website does have some great advice on how to get there via public transport too which is good for those that need it.


Overall I think The Deep is great. You go once and you’ve got a pass for a whole year which is fantastic. At only £13.50 per adult I think the price is fantastic. As their slogan says they are “for conservation not profit”, hence the reasonable price.

They cater well for families, babies and those with accessibility needs. Although it has been there for a number of years it looks great still, is nicely positioned on the Humber river so you get some nice views, and it’s very easy to get to.

I really can’t fault it here. I’d just be aware of the time you’re going as it says on their website!

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  1. Exactly, it’s not expensive (I’d even say quite cheap for what it is) and you can go multiple times a year. They really are not for profit, that’s very clear. Amazing for kids!

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