#MySundayPhoto – A Proud Moment

It’s a proud day for any Yorkshireman, the day his son first has a roast dinner and the first day his son has a Yorkshire Pudding!

He is in fact seven months old today and what better way to celebrate than having your first roast dinner and Yorkshire Pudding?!

He has been doing so well with his eating we decided to just go out for our lunch and see what would happen if we just give him some of our food. It will prepare us and N well for the future as we continue to just give him food from our plates.

He had a good range of food today. He ate carrots, peas, cauliflower cheese, lamb(!), a bit of stuffing, a bit of gravy (only a bit – got to watch the salt!) and a fair sized piece of Yorkshire Pudding. He loved it so much. He was grabbing the spoon wanting more, picking the food up well with his hands. Really doing well. He even tried a bit of mango and a bit of meringue (only a tiny bit again, got to watch the sugar!!).

I would however give my apologies to the Boundary House where we ate. Let’s just say not everything we gave him went in his mouth!

Let’s see what else we can give him during the week!

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