Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 3rd August 2018

Are We There Yet? Distracting A Toddler On A Car Journey!

Blogger: The DADventurer

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Toddlers in car journeys! What fun!
Toddlers in car journeys! What fun!

This is a handy post at this time of year for those of you with toddlers. We are not quite there yet with N of course, he just falls asleep most of the time, but when he gets to that toddler age, especially when it comes to longer journeys, we will need distraction methods. On this post there are some great ones, and I especially liked the third one.

What tips do you have to distract your toddler on long journeys?

Nine Reasons Parenting Is The Same As Playing Golf

Blogger: Father-Hood

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I play a bit of golf. Well, when I say I play a bit of golf what I actually mean is I go onto a golf course and try and hit a ball and spend most of my time trying to find it in the bushes.

However, seeing the title of this post made me give it a read. It’s all pretty accurate and funny! Number 1 applies to me on the course, as does number 2.

My Summer Goals

Blogger: Diary Of The Dad

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Do you have summer goals?
Do you have summer goals?

I think he has some great goals here to try and achieve over the summer, and some ambitious ones! The last one is a particularly good goal, and quite challenging. The first two, relax and de-stress plus enjoying lots of family time, are both going to be incredibly rewarding and ones I certainly have all the time!

Good luck!

Do you have any goals you want to achieve over the summer?

I Spend My Life

Blogger: Daddy Poppins

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I’ve not seen this before but it seems to be that it’s like one of those things on Facebook where your mates tag you in something to share details about yourself like favourite football team, place of your first date, amongst many other things.

This one is in the blogging world as ‘I spend my life’ where a blogger writes out many things they seem to spend their life doing. Many of the ones this Dad has written about apply directly to me too! Take a read, I expect many of them will apply to you too!

Nursery Rhymes or Nursery Crimes?

Blogger: The DADventurer

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It’s interesting the different nursery rhymes you sing to your child but I’ve never looked at them in quite this way before. Why is Humpty Dumpty a giant live egg? As this Dad points out, why, when you have an injury, do you send men and horses? What exactly are the horses going to do exactly?

Also, where was the phone call from one of those injury firms, I’m sure there must be a claim here.

Take a read at the other examples, funny stuff!

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blog posts just click here.

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