Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 8th June 2018

Once again I’ve been reading though a lot of blogs this week when I got time and here is my round up of some of my favourites.

Dealing With Them Getting Older

Blogger: My Life As Dad

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He's not so little now!
He’s not so little now!

I must admit that I and Clare often sit there on an evening and think about how quickly the first five months have gone as I mentioned in my summary of those five months here. It really amazes me that we don’t have our tiny little baby anymore, just a baby. He was only 6lb 8.5oz when he was born and has put on so much weight since that he’s not a little baby. It’s something we do struggle with a bit, and this post shows we’re not the only ones!

Dear Father-Hood: Why Does My Kid Cry At The Nursery Door?

Blogger: Father-Hood

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This is an interesting read as we begin to get used to the fact that N will be going to nursery. I think this is a really difficult time for parents, especially those that have been looking after them at home rather than working. To see your child go into someone else’s care for the day and you have to walk away while they cry…so tough. It almost feels like it’s a right of passage for every parent, but is it? There are some handy tips here to help you, take a look…

Things That Inevitable Happen When You Holiday With Kids

Blogger: Daddy Poppins

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We like holidays, well, we love holidays to be truthful. We’ve three holidays planned for the rest of this year which is fantastic, we feel so lucky to have this opportunity. We’ve been on our first holiday as I wrote about here┬ábut hearing about what other people have experienced from their holidays with babies is really interesting.

I Spend My Life…

Blogger: One Hull of a Dad

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This is interesting to see what my life will be like in the future. Many of the things that this Dad does are for children a bit older than N. I suspect every single one of these things will happen at some point, whether it’s while he is a baby or older I don’t know, but I think these are things that every parent goes through! Have you been through these?

Why We Should Finally Call Time On Dad Bashing

Blogger: Diary of the Dad

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Stop Dad bashing!
Stop Dad bashing!

I have to say that I’ve become very aware of this since becoming a Dad. Those times you see a Health Visitor who never looks at the Dad, even if he asks a question. Or baby vests that tell Dads where to put the arms and legs. “Is Dad babysitting today?” “Is Kev good at helping you with N?”

You’ll see in a few days that this is an annoying point for me, and this is one Dads take on it.

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

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