Ultimate 35 Steps To Get Your Baby To Nap

Little N on his monitor
Little N on his monitor

Ever wondered how to get a baby to sleep during nap time? I’ve really perfected my approach and since I like to be helpful I’ll share them, you lucky person! N is pretty good at sleeping in general and has slept through the night for a while now (as mentioned here), and we’re starting to get the nap routine sorted too.

Here’s how to put a baby down for a nap in 35 easy to follow steps:

  1. See that the baby is tired
  2. Pick baby up with dummy in their mouth and stand up
  3. Notice the baby has spat the dummy on the floor
  4. Head to the kitchen and pick up another dummy. Do not put in baby’s mouth
  5. Go upstairs to bedroom
  6. Put baby in cot
  7. Push the door closed
  8. Place hand on chest to calm baby
  9. Pick up dummy that’s been spat out
  10. Pick up dummy that’s been spat out
  11. Pick up dummy that’s been spat out
  12. Hold dummy in mouth with one finger and keep hand on chest
  13. Get battered and kicked by flailing arms and legs
  14. Hold down arms on chest and keep finger on dummy
  15. Wait
  16. Wait
  17. Realise you should be holding the arms to the side as they always fall off his chest and wake him up
  18. Move his arms to the side and hold them
  19. Lie your forearm on his legs to stop him kicking
  20. Realise you could have been in the circus you’re so bendy
  21. Hold your position
  22. Hold
  23. Gently lift your arm off the legs and make sure he stays still
  24. Create an arch with your hands over his forearms to stop excessive movement
  25. Make sure you’re not touching him anywhere
  26. Hold
  27. Hold
  28. Remove hands from cot
  29. Sit still and wait
  30. Stand and slowly move like a ninja to the door
  31. Slowly turn the handle as it creaks
  32. Open door quickly
  33. Run out
  34. Shut door quickly but prevent it from banging
  35. Breathe

There you go, you’ve now got a good plan for how to get your baby to sleep!

Good luck!

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  1. So needed this tonight. Found you on the app and thank goodness!!! Best nights sleep we have had in 18 months. Thank you thank you thank you

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