Five Months Gone – Wow, Just Wow

I can’t quite believe how fast the first five months have gone. I’m glad that I’ve been doing this blog as it helps me to remember many things that have happened and really cherish the first five months. But how have they gone?


He's sleeping so well!
He’s sleeping so well!

Many parents are going to dislike what I’m about to say but N has generally been very good at sleeping. I first wrote an Ode to Sleep when N was not sleeping through the night and that was not something I was used to at all. I love my sleep so not getting it is always difficult. However, he then slept through after six and a half weeks and has done very well since then. However, the last couple of nights he has struggled for some reason so the Ode to Sleep is probably appropriate right now. We think it might relate to reflux so we’re off to the GP soon to see if there is any extra help we can get for him.


The weaning has begun!
The weaning has begun!

You can see in my recent post here that we have slowly started weaning N. He has reflux and we have been advised that having some food could really help settle his stomach. This advice came from our GP and the Health Visitor so clearly we had to listen and act for the benefit of N.

We’ve started him purely on pureed veg. Carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato and broccoli to start with. We will move on to things like peas, avocado and spinach soon. He has tried a bit of banana puree for a treat too. He has absolutely LOVED it. Clearly he was uncertain to start with but smiles and talking to him has massively helped. He is behaving like a hungry hungry hippo, leaping forward to get his mouth on the spoon! Sadly, he only has about a 50% success rate so it’s going all over the place. That’s just part of the fun though! He’s also waving his arms around in excitement too. We’re so pleased he is enjoying it.

Water Time Fun

His swimming is going really well. He seems to enjoy himself when he’s there, though he doesn’t seem to want to try that hard! He will just lie there on the pool surface as we hold him and very rarely kick or move his arms.

“You there, ferry me around the pool! Take me to that floating duck immediately!”

Not N but you get the point
Not N but you get the point

In terms of his bath time he absolutely loves it. He’s got a little seat now and goes in the main bath. He loves splashing and kicking his feet. It’s clear that he enjoys it as he can be whinging immediately before the bath and then when he actually gets in there he is all smiles and giggles. It’s amazing that he loves it, it’s clear that some of the tips I learned early on (that I shared here) have had a great impact.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Smiling
  • The dog – he’s really staring at the dog and stroking him!
  • Rocky the cat
  • Blowing in his face (he used to dislike this!)
  • Us pretending to sneeze
  • Us faking eating his food
  • Seeing us in the morning when he wakes up (he smiles and his legs and arms get thrown around, it’s so cute!)
  • Loves his bath time
  • Likes all of his pureed food
  • Grabbing his feet (dangerous hose pipe risk when he does it while changing his nappy!)


  • Hiccups
  • Tummy time, especially later in the day
  • Being strapped into his buggy and car seat (he’s now trying to sit up in the car seat to stop us strapping him in!)
  • Doing anything for more than about 10 minutes at a time

In Summary

He’s doing really well. He is struggling a little bit with reflux at the moment but we have another plan to help him. Other than that he is doing so well it’s fantastic. I love the fact that there are so many things he enjoys and is so interactive now. It’s a great time to watch him develop and almost physically see him learning. It’s great!

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