My Sunday Photo – BBQ Time!

The weather has been amazing recently. Nice and warm for quite a while. How can I remember? Because I bought N a Spurs tracksuit that he has never worn as it’s too hot! Today was no exception hence having a BBQ!

BBQ time!
BBQ Time

It’s the only right thing to do surely on a sunny day like today!

As per usual we bought loads of food. Chicken, kebabs, sausages, burgers, chicken wings, halloumi along with the usual stuff like bread and of course beer!

A few mistimed things left one or two bits burnt but it’s not a proper BBQ without that is it! Other than that though it all went well,

It was very warm though. I took into account all the guidance from my research on looking after babies in the sun (here) but even so we felt it was too warm for N so we headed inside a bit earlier than we normally would have. Poor little guy.

It has been a great weekend though after our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday and a BBQ today. I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy all these different things and I want to instil that feeling of being thankful for the things we have in N when he’s older.

I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! What have you been up to?

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