Four Months In – Going Great!

I always find starting to write the summary of where he is up to after each month quite difficult actually. Once I get some sort of structure to it then it’s ok but starting with a blank page leaves my brain about to explode all over it with what I want to say. That’s why there’s probably some inconsistency each month in how I write it. But anyway, here goes.


Not us as not allowed to take photos, but you get the point!
Not us as not allowed to take photos, but you get the point!

You may recall from this post about our first holiday that when we went to Center Parcs that was the first time N went into the pool. He was in it for about 40 minutes and enjoyed it all until he got splashed in the face. I’m not surprised, that’s not pleasant at the best of times, let alone your first time when you’re just confused. However, the test went well so it was on to book his lessons!

We went with some lessons in a heated pool (don’t want him cold, that wouldn’t go down well!) in a Hilton hotel. “Ooo, la de dah” I hear you cry at being in the Hilton (and yes, someone actually said this to me hence it popping to mind). To be quite honest at £10 per lesson, not only were they the least expensive but it was at a great time of the day/week for us and the pool was heated as I say. Ticked all the boxes.

We had to skip his first lesson as he had croup which was a real shame. However, the first time he did actually go swim went really well. He just looked completely confused and bewildered most of the time, but did smile every now and again. A few tears when we had to pour water on his face, but other than that it went well.

We got some homework (yes, homework!) of pouring water on his face twice every bath time to get him used to it. This went terribly until the night before his second lesson when he didn’t scream the house down for the first time! Success…or was it…?

Well, yes it was a success to be fair as in his second lesson he got dunked under the water three times in the pool and didn’t cry once. After dunking it’s important to distract with smiles and splashes which went well. He’s always so tired after it bless him. He goes in the sling on my chest and falls asleep within seconds as we walk to the car. I don’t mind though, sleepy baby cuddles are nothing short of lovely (as long as you’re not trapped for hours I imagine!).

We’ve today finished his third lesson, and the first one with me in the pool. You have to do lots where he lies on your shoulder and his ears should be in the pool. This means, being 6 foot 5 inches tall, I have to squat a lot. In fact, through the whole lesson I have to squat so we are at the same level in the water. Sadly, the water doesn’t seem to support me (I don’t float!) so I came out feeling like I’d properly done a leg workout! However, he seemed to enjoy the lesson, even the moving under water.


Risks vs benefits for us...
Risks vs benefits for us…

Well, he has now finished his first vaccinations. I’ve written a post all about vaccinations, the positives and potential challenges (here) but for us it was never in doubt that he would have them. However, my research to write the post did reveal some interesting facts to me. Anyway, take a read of that if you’re interested.

He reacted well to all vaccinations in the nurses room. He cried of course but quickly get him dressed and stand up to give him a cuddle and he is absolutely fine. He did have a reaction to the last injections however at the site where the vaccinations were given. He got a bump and what looked like a bruise on both legs. However, this went down within 24 hours so he was fine. He was a little ‘not himself’ afterwards which I can understand but we are glad we did it, and even with the short term pain the long term benefits are worth it.


Wow, this boy has a lot of clothes! I mean a lot. It’s so easy to get carried away with buying things when you think they look so cute in them. It’s particularly odd when you think he will be in the 3-6 month clothes for a maximum of 3 months really.

I have to say though that there really isn’t much difference between the 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 months. Had I appreciated this in advance perhaps we wouldn’t have bought quite so much of the 3-6 months stuff. He has recently worn a 6-9 months romper and it fitted him just fine, and he is four months old! As such, we are getting all of that ready for his wardrobe now. I’d be surprised if he gets to wear all of his 3-6 month clothes (we have some favourites we use more often!).

Days Out

Now he's in his big boy pram!
Now he’s in his big boy pram!

So we’ve now had to move him in to the big boy pram rather than the bassinet. He just wanted to sit up all the time and look around as he’s very inquisitive, so why not encourage that? I’ve written a review of the pram (here), but it’s the Uppababy Vista 2017 version, and I really can’t fault it at all.

The basket is massive, the quality is really good and the finish is very good. You do pay for it mind you.

He does seem to like the big boy pushchair though, he smiled so much when we first put him in it!


  • Smiling
  • Grabbing things
  • Sleeping on us
  • Being tickled under the chin
  • Jumparoo
  • Standing up
  • Watching us eat (looks like he will enjoy being weaned)
  • Swimming (well a bit at least!)
  • Door bouncer – a new addition for us but he loves it!


  • Hiccups (still!)
  • Having his nose wiped (you’d think he was being shot the way he reacts)
  • Having his injections given
  • Doing anything for more than about 10 minutes at a time
  • Not being the centre of attention (he lets you know if he is not the focus of attention and he wants to be!)
  • Charlie barking
  • Bargain Hunt. Yes, Bargain Hunt, that antiques programme on the BBC. Yes, that
  • Little Baby Bum. I don’t get some of their songs (London Bridge Is Falling Down now contains a superhero pig!) but he likes it!


He is doing really well. He has actually turned over front to back a few times now too which was quite exciting (it’s funny the stuff you get excited over!

He’s going through a leap now so it will be interesting to see what he is like after the leap has finished. So the next update at month five will be very interesting to see!

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