Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 18th May 2018

On a number of occasions in my wrap up of Dad Blogs I’ve included blog posts around mental health, and what’s fantastic now is that there is an unofficial Paternal Mental Health Week, which is this week. This has been instigated by @thepsychologymum on Instagram and it’s a great reason to continue the evolving discussion around mens mental health.

As such, this week is a special review of Dad Blogs focusing entirely on mental health. Here are some of the blogs I’ve read this week on this very topic. I would absolutely encourage you, given this special week, to read as many of these as you can. Not only is it important to talk about it, but it’s important to listen too. These people have written their blog to share their story, and it’s up to us to listen.


Are You There For Him? A Poem To Get Us Talking About Dad’s Mental Health

Blogger: You The Daddy

Men's mental health is important
Men’s mental health is important

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I do enjoy a good poem as you know, especially the type that rhymes. So when I saw a poem in a Dad blog all about mental health with a focus on this particular week it was clearly going to be a winner with me.

There’s also a great intro to the poem talking around the topic of dads mental health. Take a read, it’s a great poem and very much on topic.

Unlocking The Compartments In My Mind: Me Depression And Being A Dad And A Man

Blogger: DIY Daddy

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This blog post is a good example of a Dad opening up about his mental health issues. This takes him back to when he was ten years old and the impact the divorce of his parents had on him then, and continues with the more recent impact on him. He also explains how blogging has helped him through these difficult times, along with his wife. I think, as I mentioned before, that when people open up about their mental health in blogs, as readers we should listen to what they have to say, especially this week. Go ahead and have a read.

What’s Up With Dad?

Blogger: Triplet Dad

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It’s fair to say that having triplets is fairly rare occurrence but when I hear about them my first thoughts are “wow, it’s tough with one let alone three!”

This blog post gives a really good account of the impact and challenge of having triplets. Some of it resonates with all parents I’m sure, about how your day doesn’t end once you get home from work. However, the way it’s described in this post, when you have triplets, it’s so much harder. This Dad has really opened up about the mental burden of having such a big change to your family. It’s a really interesting read and gives a great insight into parenting triplets.

A Fathers Struggle – Depression and Anxiety

Blogger: The Voice of a Father

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Mental health comes in many forms
Mental health comes in many forms

This blog post is all about how he has faced depression and anxiety in his life as a father. This relates to a couple of posts I’ve added before in my Dad Blog roundup about Superhero Dads, those Dads trying to do everything for your family and not thinking too much about yourself. This is essentially what he is referring to in his post and discusses the impact of this on his mental health. It finishes with him explaining that although the internal Superhero battle continues he is now able to talk about it more which is helping him.

What About The Dads? NHS Perinatal Mental Health Plan Doesn’t Mention Dads

Blogger: Isablog

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I’m glad he wrote about this actually as this very thing caught my eye. Ok, it’s completely accurate to say that there are more mums with Postnatal Depression than dads and as such clearly more funding will go towards supporting mums than dads, but I’m sure there will still be funding for Dads (you would hope!). However, in these days when the focus is on mens mental health, it seems a real shame to have missed them out of this plan.

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

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