I Love My Mummy – A Mother’s Day Poem

So I decided to start doing a big of blogging and *ahem* discovered this poem that N must have written…
Happy Mother's Day Mummy!
Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!
I’ve not been here that long
I have much to learn I know
But my love for my Mummy
Is something I want to show


She really is so lovely
With her I spend my time
When Daddy does come home
She has really earned her wine


I like my Mummy’s hair
It really is so swell
I’ve gone pretty bald
So you know I am well jel


Sometimes I make her sad
When I can’t say what’s wrong
She talks it through with Daddy
Then she smells the pong!


Sometimes my nappy is dirty
And it needs a change
Don’t get too close though Mummy
Or you’re in fire hydrant range!


Though sometimes I cry
And I shout and scream
Knowing you’re my Mummy
Really is a dream


I love my Mummy very much
She really is a treasure
I like to sleep on her chest
Oh it’s such a pleasure


She gives amazing hugs
And fantastic cuddles too
If you ever meet her
Maybe you could have one too


For she is very generous
She really gives a lot
Daddy is a lucky man
He sure knows what he’s got


So to all you boys and girls
Mummy’s and Daddy’s too
I don’t want to make you jealous
But my Mummy’s the best woohoo!

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