Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 9th March 2018

So I’ve continued to read through lots of posts this week from other bloggers about parenting. There really are some great blogs out there if you look.

I’ve picked my top five Dad blog posts again this week. Take a look below and see if any of them are of interest…

It’s Snow Joke…

It's Snow Joke...
It’s Snow Joke…

Blogger: The Autism Dada

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Topical of course, especially since I got snowed in again yesterday. This is a really interesting post focusing on mental health in children and the impact something as ‘simple’ as snow can have on them. The post describes the reaction of ‘Little Mr’ to the change in the outside world caused by the recent snow.

Little Mr has ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. From the post it’s apparent that although his sister was enjoying the snowfall, Little Mr struggled to adjust. Read the article to see what came next. It’ll warm the cockles!

Lost in Translation

If only there was a toddler translator!
If only there was a toddler translator!

Blogger: How to Daddoo

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I can’t wait until N starts talking. Yes he’s doing well at two months but it’s a little early for talking! Once he does I firstly want to hear what his voice will sound like and then the funny phrases he comes out with.

This post all about understanding what his little one is saying (and interpreting it for others!). It’s a great idea to record these things to look back on in the future. Take a read and see if it brings back any memories for you…

The Problem with Shared Parental Leave: No Ring-Fenced Leave for Dads

Ring-fenced parental leave for dads?
Ring-fenced parental leave for dads?

Blogger: Dad Blog UK

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I think it would be fab for more men to take up shared parental leave. In fact wouldn’t it be great to remove the words Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave and simply call it Parental Leave? I would love to have had more time off but it just wasn’t practical for us.

I know not many men actually take up shared leave. I believe it’s around 2% I think I heard on the news. Not much is it? It’s not always possible I know, but for those that can it’s amazing as you’ll never ever get this opportunity again with this amazing baby that has just been born. This article raises some interesting suggestions on the topic that really make you think. Take a look and see what your thoughts are.

How Was Shared Parental Leave?

Here's how extra parental leave for a Daddy went
Here’s how extra parental leave for a Daddy went

Blogger: The Geekfather

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One thing I’m really keen on is equality in parenting, and following on from the prior post I’ve mentioned this was a gem of a find this week. This equality is around decision making, baby duties such as feeding or nappy duty, and also, where plausible, shared parental leave. Unfortunately for us this wasn’t feasible but I did take some extra time off beyond the two weeks Paternity Leave.

This article is therefore a very interesting read. It’s the perspective of a Dad to being on extended leave, the good, the bad and everything in between. It also looks at the attitudes of others to a Dad being on leave and looking after the baby. If you’re thinking of going on extended leave then take a look.

Rediscovering Mother’s Day

Some optimism this year...
Some optimism this year…

Blogger: The Out of Depth Dad

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My Mum passed away in 2012 and ever since then Mother’s Day has always been tricky. A day when I think about Mum a lot but it’s also difficult because she’s no longer with us. It’s even harder now as I know she would have loved to have seen N. She used to make up songs, so I would have loved to see what she sang about N!

So this year is very different with the arrival of N meaning we have a Mummy in the house. It changes the focus now and makes it a much better day. Of course I’ll also be thinking of my Mum, but I’ve also got Clare to focus on which is fantastic. This link is all about similar feelings the blogger is having this Mother’s Day and really is a great read.

There You Have It…

I’m sure you’d agree there are some great posts there.

If you come across any posts you think are great then please do let me know and I’ll take a read!

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