Our First Mother’s Day – 2018

Clare's first Mother's Day!
Clare’s first Mother’s Day!

Wow, what a momentous day! Clare’s first ever Mother’s Day for her. It seems like forever that we’ve been waiting for this (well about ten years, but more on that in another post) so it was important to do it right.

Mother’s Day has been tough for five years for our family. In 2012 we lost my Mum to cancer. Ever since then Mother’s Day has been a day to survive, certainly for me. A day to get through. We try and do things to distract, but the thought is always there that my Mum is no longer with us, and for those five years it has been about trying to not think too hard about what day it is on Mother’s Day. It is important to not forget, to make sure you remember the lovable and funny things, but that doesn’t make it easier. It’s also important to focus on other Mums, especially Clare’s Mum with whom we’ve spent some nice Mother’s Days since mine passed away and gone out for nice meals and such like. Yet often throughout the day it just hits you what has happened to your own Mum.

This Year Is Different

It’s so different it’s unreal. Clare’s first Mother’s Day. There was a lot of pressure on N to get it right, or so he told me it felt like. He told me all sorts to do!

It does feel different though, and weird. For five years I’ve had a largely negative connection with this day, and now it feels so different, and yet the same (how contrary!). As I said to Clare recently it depends on what I’m thinking about. Thankfully I’m thinking more about Clare and N on this special day, so it feels great most of the time.

But the thought of my Mum is always there, and always will be of course. To be honest I don’t want that to go away, but now the day has a more lovely side to it than it ever has really.

What Did N Do?

Well, he’s quite short and can’t drive yet (give him a couple of weeks) so I had to do most things. He just told me what to do of course!

We even created a menu for Mother's Day breakfast!
We even created a menu for Mother’s Day breakfast!

We started the day with breakfast and presents (obviously!). For breakfast Clare had the hotel treatment with a variety of options for breakfast in bed, including various croissants, cereal and a bacon and black pudding bap (or bread cake, or whatever you personally call it. Let’s not get into that today!!). She also had a variety of drinks, including specialty coffee beans, syrups, Buck’s Fizz, OJ and tea. She went for Peruvian coffee from the bean with caramel syrup, with Buck’s Fizz, Orange Juice, and a selection of croissants (chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut and plain butter croissant).

Next Came Presents!

N told me to suggest that Clare went from the smallest gift to the largest. It began with a little keepsake box which said “I Love You Mummy”, followed by a book called “With My Mummy”. Both of these seemed to go down well.

Then Clare opened a nice pair of colourful socks (she loves colourful socks, how did N know this at such a young age?!) which said “Simply the best Mummy” on them.

Mummy's Medicine Wine Glass!
Mummy’s Medicine Wine Glass!

She then got a wine glass which said on it “Mummy’s Medicine”. How did N know again? Finally, to top it all off he got her a candle as Clare loves them. Honestly I think we keep Yankee Candle operating! But this candle was special, not just any candle. This was a Yankee Candle with a very special picture of N and Clare on the label, plus a message which read “Happy Mother’s Day, Love From N”. It really is a great idea from Yankee Candle and went down amazingly well with Clare.

Finally, N revealed that he had written her a poem and posted it on my blog as posted here. I’ve no idea how he got my password, he’s very advanced for nine weeks old! Mummy loved the poem which was fantastic, well done N!!

What We Did On The Day

Animals Animals Animals!!
Animals Animals Animals!!

Well the weather was a bit dicey so we decided to go to Knowsley Safari Park. I’ll write in more detail about this in a separate post as I think it deserves it, but we had a great visit.

Amazingly it’s only £10 per adult to get in, which for what you get is great. We started off having a bite to eat in the restaurant. It was packed inside (it was Mother’s Day after all) so we got a sandwich each and ate on the benches outside. Two peacocks came over to find any scraps! No chance!

We then went around the ‘on foot’ area to see some Giraffes, Foxes, Meerkats and Sea Lions. There were supposed to be Elephants but they had been moved to France to make way for a new exhibit. There was a pretty impressive fairground there actually, but N is a bit small for it just yet! He slept basically the whole way around! Good job he got in free or that would be a waste of money!!

Once we had finished going around there we fed N. I then changed his nappy whereupon he felt it was about time he did a poo on me. I feel thoroughly christened now. I’d got away with it for a while. Long story short I had to bin three nappies at once!

We then went back to the car to go through the sarafi area. Driving slowly we saw deer, rhinos, camels, lions (while they were eating!), donkeys and a few other animals. The donkeys were loving it, rolling around on the floor having a great time! After this we headed on home to get ready for our evening out.

The Evening

We started the evening by going to see where my Mums ashes are so we could take her a plant and take N for the first time. It seemed an appropriate day to take him.

We were all drinking at Miller & Carter!
We were all drinking at Miller & Carter!

We went to Miller & Carter at night for a great steak. We both love steak, especially from Miller & Carter. I went for a fillet and Clare went for a ribeye on the bone. Delicious as always. She also had a cheeky glass of wine, much deserved! Unfortunately this was the time N got hungry and properly kicked off. He shuts up pretty quick when there’s a bottle in his mouth though!

Then when we got home we had a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate the day.

It Went Well!

Overall Clare really enjoyed her special day. Everything seemed to go to plan and she thoroughly loved her presents from N which is fantastic (pressure off until Mummy’s birthday N!!!). She also didn’t have to do a feed or change a nappy all day, important as it was Mother’s Day. She should just get to enjoy cuddles!

I can’t wait for my first Father’s Day. Need to sort out Clare’s birthday before then though!!

How did your Mother’s Day go?

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