He Slept Through!

Not N but you get the point!
Not N but you get the point!

He slept through! He slept through!!!!


I can’t believe it. He finally did it!

He didn’t feed from 10pm to 5am. I can’t say he slept for the whole time really. He did wake up a few times between 3am and 5am but he just fussed for a short while and went back to sleep.

After wishing for sleep in my Ode to Sleep, just for one night, sleep did indeed return.

Finally He Slept Through!

We’ve been doing a bedtime routine of going up at about 9pm, having a bath, then milk, then change him and put him in his sleeping bag. After this he has a story and goes straight to bed. We’ve been doing this for a little over two weeks. For some time he has been good at going to sleep but then gets hungry in the night, normally around 2am-3am and wants feeding. Can’t blame him, I’m a grump when hungry too! I often plan my evening meal when having breakfast!

Now however, on the morning of the 22nd February, six and a half weeks after being born, he slept through for the first time.

What does sleeping through mean?

What does sleeping through mean?
What does sleeping through mean?

It’s really interesting actually that everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what sleeping through means. For some it means going from 7:30pm to 7:30am. For others it’s staying asleep from the time you put them down until you get them up. This could be from 10pm to 7am, being constantly asleep.

For us it was as soon as he doesn’t wake us up in the night for a feed at a time that we wouldn’t go back to sleep again afterwards. For example, if he wanted feeding at 3am we would try to go to sleep afterwards. However, if he woke us at 5am I would feed him and not go back to bed. For many him wanting a feed at 5am wouldn’t could as sleeping through as they would try to go back to sleep afterwards. For us though if he got through to 5am then I would get up and stay up as I normally get up at 6am anyway. And this morning he did that.

Promptly feeding him, changing him and putting him back to bed, everything was going so well. It was quite funny actually. We heard a noise from him in the dark as I put him down and wondered if he had been sick. We used the light on our phones to check. “No, he’s not been sick.”

At this exact point he threw up all over my hand, himself and the cot. Change him, change his sleeping bag, change his cot. Then we’re good to put him back to bed to sleep again.

What will tonight hold?

So we’ve had one successful night. I’m not about to start counting my chickens yet, and I fully expect tonight will not go as well.

Let’s see!

How long did it take your little one to start sleeping through?

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