First Trip to Liverpool for Little N

So recently we went for our first trip to Liverpool to see Clare’s family. Clare is from Liverpool and moved to Leeds when she went to University, met me and pretty much stayed in Leeds since. We frequently go visit her family of her mum, two brothers and sister-in-laws and now our nephew and two nieces. Going over there is even more important now with N as we want to make sure he sees lots of them!!


A sunny day in Liverpool
A sunny day in Liverpool

Now if you live in the UK (or 95% of the world I’m sure) you will have heard of Liverpool so this bit isn’t for you. I’m conscious that there are people from all over the world that look at my blog, so if you don’t know what Liverpool is like then here’s a little introduction.

Liverpool is in the north west of England where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. Basically at the west end of the M62. I personally think the two most famous things to come from Liverpool are The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club (though I’m sure there are Everton fans who wouldn’t want me saying that!), both of whom I’m sure you’ve heard of.

The Beatles are a famous export from Liverpool
The Beatles are a famous export from Liverpool

According to Wikipedia, including surrounding areas, it’s the 5th largest metropolitan area in the UK with 2.24 million people living there in 2011 so as you can tell it’s a big city here in the UK.

The Journey Over

Charlie came with us to Liverpool too!
Charlie came with us to Liverpool too!

Operation Liverpool was a go! The list to pack and things to prepare was extensive as we were also taking Charlie the dog too. The list included things like four sterilised bottles and associated formula, co-lactase (breaks down lactose for a happier tummy), gripe water, nose saline (he has a cold), nappy related stuff and loads of stuff for the dog such as a lead, collar, harness, food, coat (he has a short haircut!) and toys.

This was our first long trip so it took a bit of preparation but eventually we got in the new car. We only got the new Skoda Superb on Wednesday, and you know what you have to do with a new car… take it out for a lengthy drive! This was a good time to test it!

Laying N flat in his Kiddy Evoluna I-Size car seat (my review is here) we were set to go. Clare had plenty of room in the front which was fantastic.

Waah waah! I don’t like being fastened in to this! I like to fidget! Waah waah!

Hmm, tired now actually, time for a sleep.

I have to say the drive was great in the new car, plus N just slept the whole way. So smooth, effortless with the adaptive cruise control. ACC is amazing! I didn’t touch the brakes for over an hour!

But anyway, this isn’t a review of the car so I’ll move on!

Stop 1 in Liverpool

First of all we went to one of N’s Auntie and Uncles, his older cousin and newest little cousin. No longer is he the baby of the wider family. We said he would have to grow up now but he didn’t listen. Can’t understand why. Nana also joined us here on our ‘Grand Tour’ for the day.

Greggs for lunch. I don’t know what it is about Greggs but it’s awesome every time I have it. Steak slice, sausage roll (obviously) and a Bavarian slice. Oh yes!

N was a little grumpy but mostly asleep as we met his new cousin. She’s a very cute (and hungry) little girl bless her. It’s amazing how quickly babies develop over one month. You could really see it when looking at the two together. N felt so solid whereas his new cousin was so soft!

Now we’ve gone from one child on that side of the family to four in less than one year. Quite the change!

Stop 2 in Liverpool

Next we all went to N’s other Auntie, Uncle and young cousin in Liverpool. N was again asleep for a lot of it but he woke when he wanted feeding! His little cousin was desperate to watch N a lot of the time and was crawling over to see him. It was adorable! She even stole his sock and put it in her mouth!

A nice drink and lovely choccies (white chocolate Lindor! Never had them before!) later we were on our way.

Stop 3 in Liverpool

After leaving we were on our way to Nana’s house to meet N’s Great Uncle for the first time and see his Great Auntie again.

Yet again N slept through most of it (of course!). Lots for him to process from his day I guess! As I understand it they sleep to process everything they learn in a day. He must have learned a lot on this visit! Plus, he loves going in the car as he always go to sleep (or is it we love him going in the car because he always goes to sleep…?)

Our plan was to stay for tea but after a difficult night with N we decided it was safer to leave for our long journey home whilst not too tired.

Journey Home

We thought we should stop for something to eat on the way back. We pulled into a service station but decided in the end to only get a coffee (to help prevent tiredness!) and be on our way.

N had other ideas.

He needed feeding and boy didn’t he let us know about it! It was throwing it down so we fed him in the car rather than traipse into the services. Then of course came the nappy change so I had to go in with him anyway! Quite the faff!

Then Clare had a bright idea. As we had no food in the house we ordered a takeaway when we were about 30 minutes from our house. It arrived shortly after we got back. N stayed asleep and let us eat it which was nice of him!

Poor poorly cat
Poor poorly cat

Overall a great success for a single day. Originally we had plans to stay over but with Rocky the cat being poorly we decided it was best to do it all in one day.

A busy day but well worth it!

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