Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Review

Peter Rabbit Milestone Cards
Peter Rabbit Milestone Cards

Five DadsThese Peter Rabbit Baby Cards are fab. We wanted baby cards so we can keep a track on what events happen in the life of our baby and record them for their own future, hopefully in this blog! This won’t be a complicated review as it’s a relatively straightforward product. I’ve decided to give the cards five out of five too for the reasons you’re about to read.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – The Basics

These are a set of cards on which you write the date and take a photo of the baby (or child as they get older) with the card. We quite like the idea of producing a photobook per year from one of those online sites, so some of these photos would go in there.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Usability 5/5

Selection of Peter Rabbit cards
Selection of Peter Rabbit cards

To be honest I struggle to think of a way in which all milestone cards are not easy to use. You simply write the date on and take a photo. Simples.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Convenience 4/5

Peter Rabbit storage box
Peter Rabbit storage box

These cards come in a handy box to store all of the cards and they’re of a decent size for a photo.

The only thing is it would be handy if there was a list of all the different cards so you didn’t have to try and remember what was available.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Quality 5/5

No issues at all in terms of the quality of these cards. They’re thick enough to be solid and the storage box is quite thick and so is not likely to break any time soon. No issues with it in quality.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Value 5/5

They’re £9.99 on Amazon. I don’t think you can complain about that price for so many cards to capture some of the most important parts of the life of your child. The quality is very good and the range of cards is quite impressive.

Peter Rabbit Baby Cards – Summary

Peter Rabbit selection of cards
Peter Rabbit selection of cards

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate in buying these cards again. My wife likes Peter Rabbit too which did sway our opinion somewhat! They’re a good quality, relatively inexpensive and have a wide range of cards. Go for it, I doubt you will be disappointed!

Have you bought these cards? What do you think to them? Or have you other ones that you like?

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