A Treasure Basket For Your Little Treasure

Babies get so many toys and things to play with now it’s often hard to think what to give them next! Plus, they seem to get bored of everything within just a few minutes, or at least N is like that! So when I heard about something called a Treasure Basket from Clare it immediately piqued my interest.

Why? Because it’s simple, inexpensive (or even free) and you can put one together in five minutes. The advantage is that it can keep your baby entertained for ages! We’ve got to the point where we can literally leave N sitting on the floor just playing with his Treasure Basket and he is quite happy. Of course we are always there watching anyway, just means you can have a cup of tea without him trying to grab it!

What Is A Treasure Basket?

Here's our Treasure Basket...
Here’s our Treasure Basket…

In short it’s a basket or box filled with any safe item from around the house that the baby could play with. It’s something for that time when they can generally sit up and grab and play with things. That’s the point when this becomes interesting. There’s all sorts of interesting things for babies to touch and play with so why not try them out!

There are two important things to remember here:

  1. A box or basket is ideal. I personally wouldn’t be tempted to store things in a bag because the idea is that you set the basket in front of the child and let them get out what they want to play with. Bags clearly have a suffocation risk. I’d also pick a basket with no sharp edges, and probably avoid a cardboard box due to risk of damage when wet and potential for cuts (yes you can cut yourself on cardboard). A plastic box or basket would work well
  2. The second important thing to remember when it comes to your Treasure Basket is that your child could be playing with their basket by themselves. As such, safety is of paramount importance. You’re not exactly going to put a pair of scissors in there are you?! Carefully think it through of course and all will be safe

It’s also important to not let them play with their Treasure Basket too much as they could very well get bored of it. Maybe mix it up every now and again with different things in it just to keep it fresh?

Also remember that whatever you put in there is pretty likely to go in your babies mouth at some point so no small parts!

Why Use A Treasure Basket?

There are all sorts of things for a baby to learn as they grow. The best way for them to do this is to touch, feel, taste and smell. It helps them to select things too, to choose items.

It helps them to engage with their local environment, enriches their enjoyment of the things around them and quite frankly helps them to play. You can see our sons eyes light up when we put the basket in front of him and he just grabs things immediately.

But what sort of things could you put in a Treasure Basket?

What To Put In A Treasure Basket

You can put all sorts in a Treasure Basket
You can put all sorts in a Treasure Basket

You want things that are engaging, interesting textures, colours and shapes. Here are some things you could put in a Treasure Basket:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Empty pack of wipes
  • Plastic bowl
  • A whisk
  • A spatula
  • An old (clean!) TV remote. We’ve actually used a remote for a floor standing fan
  • Soft brush (make sure bristles won’t fall out in their mouth)
  • Whisk
  • Dishcloth (one that doesn’t fray)
  • You could select various items from nature for a basket such as leaves, pine cones, pebbles, shells, rocks. Anything big enough for little ones to not eat or swallow part of!
  • Flannel
  • Old keys
  • Sponge
  • Soft toy
  • Bits of fabric (that won’t fray and be swallowed)
  • Plastic plates, cups etc
  • An old (but clean!) toothbrush

Really you can put lots of stuff in there, or even theme baskets at different times. Perhaps one theme for the kitchen, another for outdoors etc etc. Or theme them based on the seasons. Mixing it up will keep it fresh and interesting for your baby.

They Will Love It!

N really enjoys his Treasure Basket. He is quite happy just sitting on his mat grabbing stuff from the basket. Bashing, chewing, passing from one hand to the other. He’s a happy little boy with his Treasure Basket, and I’m confident most babies would be.

At the end of the day this could be free to put together as a tester, then add things you see when you’re out if you wanted.

Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you!

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