#MySundayPhoto – Sleepy Baby

N has started to outgrow cuddles now. He’s at that point where he likes being picked up, and is even holding his arms out to be picked up, but doesn’t want a proper cuddle. I mean the sort of cuddle that I want, his head on my shoulder, hugging him tight, imagining he’s a small baby again. He wants none of that.

As such, when I get those rare moments when he falls asleep on me I love it. Or those moments when he cries at night (though not too late!) and you go in to see him and all that will settle him is a cuddle (after trying lots of other things first!). There’s something nice in that as that’s when you get a proper cuddle.

However, this photo shows we sometimes get those sleepy cuddles in the middle of the day! This time it was on a steam train going through the welsh countryside on our recent holiday.

Sleepy cuddles on a steam train
Sleepy cuddles on a steam train

Such moments are very rare nowadays though so I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted!

Our holiday was great though. We thoroughly enjoyed it, spending lots of quality time with my side of the family, but I’ll write more about that in another post due out soon.

Now though, time to see if I can get any more cuddles…

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