Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 31st August 2018

11 Hilarious Baby Conversations Immortalised As Text Messages

Blogger: Father Hood

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I don’t know why but I enjoy reading funny text messages conversations, so it’s hardly surprising that I enjoyed reading a list of conversations between a parent and their child!

I’m fully expecting number four to be happening soon when N goes to nursery, and then number five in the not too distant future too.

How many of these conversations have you had? I expect most of them!

When Do Children Become Right- Or Left-Handed?

Blogger: The Geekfather

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When do babies become left- or right-handed?
When do babies become left- or right-handed?

I’ve often wondered whether N will be right or left handed. Both I and Clare are right handed but that doesn’t mean it’s a given than N will be right handed too.

In fact, when you look at which hand he uses most at the moment it varies every day. There’s no regular pattern to which hand is dominant at the moment. At least if he’s a leftie he has a better chance at playing football for England! We’ve nobody down the left consistently!

Anyway, this post goes to great detail all about this topic. It’s a fascinating read, give it a go!

When You Have To Tell Your Children That You’re Psychotic!

Blogger: Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

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This was a really interesting post from a Dad discussing how he has a mental health condition and decided it was the right time to tell his children. I would imagine this would be a very concerning time and it comes across that although it was not a difficult choice to discuss this, it was a challenge to know how to discuss it.

Thankfully it all went well based on the blog post. It’s great that this Dad is very open about his mental health and that his family are very supportive.

Five (Useless) Skills I’ve Mastered Since Becoming A Parent…

Blogger: The Out Of Depth Dad

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What new skills have you developed?
What new skills have you developed?

As a newer Dad I’ve not had the opportunity to master too many of these skills yet, but I fully expect to develop number three, and I’ve very quickly mastered number one.

I wonder how many of these (useless) skills you’ve mastered? What other (useless) skills have you developed since becoming a parent?

Five Unlikely Jobs I Can Do Since Becoming A Parent

Blogger: Diary Of The Dad

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It’s true that you develop many many new skills when you become a parent, and I expect you never stop learning about parenting. Being a bouncer? So true, I can very quickly get rid of cold callers now.

I have very much developed my Improv Artist skills too since N makes you try quite hard to get a smile sometimes. He doesn’t give them away for free, unless you’re a lady he just met (yes he smiles at ladies all the time!).

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

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