#MySundayPhoto – ‘Strolling’ In The Deep

Hope you liked the headline!

Yes, today we went to The Deep in Hull. We’ve thought about going there for some time and decided to go in the summer holidays on a rainy day.


Yes, complete madness.

The Deep
The Deep

For anyone that hasn’t been there it’s a fantastic place with so many fish (and penguins!). There are great sections to The Deep too, like an ice world, a tunnel, a massive tank in which you can get the lift to exit!

It was so hectic in there. So many people, children and prams. It was a real struggle to get round at times, but the entry ticket lasts for a year so it’s good value.

As I’ve said before I love my weekends, spending time with Clare and N. It really helps me to switch off from work and other stuff going on. We always try to make sure we do something special each day, to the point where we don’t have anything in for tea today we’ve been that busy! If you know me that’s a disaster as I always want to discuss what we are having very early in the day. In fact, on our way to The Deep this morning we were discussing tea!

I’ll soon be doing a post all about my trip to The Deep so look out for that soon!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

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