Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 10th August 2018

Great Games To Take On Holiday

Blogger: Dynamic Dad

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What games could you play with your kids?
What games could you play with your kids?

As far as I can tell kids need constant entertainment. Mind you, adults seem to almost constantly be on their phones so maybe this applies to adults as well!

Anyway, one game seems to not last too long with a child generally, they need a variety. This Dad has written a list of games you can play with your child over the summer, including when you’re on holiday. There are a lot of games here I’ve not even heard of before (though I’m a new Dad so maybe that’s why!). Check them out and see if any of them could be useful for you.

Filtering Through The BS

Blogger: Thirsty Daddy

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“Fake News! Fake News!” This has become an almost daily phrase now to be honest. How often have we heard this (mostly from Donald Trump)? It’s often very hard to figure out what’s real from what’s utter rubbish.

This Dad has highlighted one specific and quite frankly dangerous example of utter BS as he puts it. It’s a good read and raises awareness of how careful we have to be in this age of the internet.

Sorry, Annie, It’s Not Tomorrow Yet

Blogger: Dad and Buried

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Can kids survive being bored?
Can kids survive being bored?

This is a surprising read. Yes, this post starts out talking about the film Annie. Yes, it’s that film from many many years ago with the little girl with a huge perm. This post starts out quite innocently planning what film to watch and then turns quite suddenly based on a comment from their son. I don’t want to tell you everything that is said in this post but it’s not just a review of the film! Take a read, it’s an interesting and thought provoking post.

Summer Holidays Lollypops And The Sunshine: Entertaining The Kids

Blogger: DIY Daddy

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This post isn’t so much a list of games to play with the kids (as per the first Dad post earlier) but is more taking some time to reflect on how kids seem to need constant entertainment. I’m a firm believer in the fact that kids should experience boredom. Boredom is a natural part of life, and in boredom children can get creative and start to make up their own games for example. Take a look at this dads viewpoint. Do you agree?

Baby Challenges: Solving The Subject Of Sleep

Blogger: Fatherlee Moments

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Getting your baby to sleep for some people is extremely difficult. You hear all sorts of stories about having to sit on the sofa with them sleeping on your chest, to holding your hand on their chest so they go to sleep, to babies only getting one hour of sleep at a time. It can be an absolute nightmare. I remember I wrote my Ode to Sleep when N wasn’t sleeping through, but we’ve been lucky compared to many.

This Dad has written his tips for helping your baby to get a good nights sleep (and importantly for you to get a good nights sleep!). If you’re struggling, check these out!

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

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