#MySundayPhoto – The Moaning Of Life!

So I’ve cheated a bit today, well, quite a bit really. It’s supposed to be #MySundayPhoto not #MySundayVideo but there you go, rules are meant to be broken (unless you’re N in which case the rules set by Mummy and Daddy are certainly not meant to be broken!).

How many of you have done this in the past? Your baby starts to get tired, they get grumpy and start moaning. Or perhaps your baby just cries rather than moans. N doesn’t tend to cry too much but my word does he moan! Dummy in or dummy out it doesn’t matter, he can moan just fine either way.

Anyway, you recognise your child wants to go to sleep so you put them down somewhere comfy, or cuddle them. How comfy they must be! How nice it must be to lie down.

But no. It’s literally the worst thing in the world.

“How dare you put me down? I’m not tired at all!”


That yawn was on an unrelated matter, don’t go assuming I’m tired! There’s too much going on to waste time sleeping. No stop, don’t take me away to a quiet corner! Nooooo!!!

You fool. I’ll show you!”

Then the proper moaning begins. How long they will keep it up nobody knows. I’d love to be able to sleep anytime anywhere (especially after one of those nights with N!) but I think babies have proper FOMO.

So you push the pram back and forth for ages and still the moaning continues!

“No no, I must resist! I don’t want to sleep. I don’t care if you tell me I need to sleep I want to go back and play and have you entertain me constantly!”

Then the moaning reduces and reduces. Are they asleep? You take a look…

“No I’m not asleep! Ha ha! I shall be awake forever you fool!”

And so the cycle repeats.

Eventually they can’t help but give in but I wonder how much time and energy (and petrol!) is wasted getting them to sleep or keeping them asleep? A lot I expect!

Still, it’s lovely when you know you’ve got them to do what’s needed and sleep, and when they wake they will be their happy selves again.

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