Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 27th July 2018

5 Fears Of A Soon-To-Be Stay-At-Home-Dad

Blogger: The DADventurer

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This is a very interesting post about the concerns this Dad has about becoming a stay-at-home parent. I think these fears are very understandable to be honest and many of them will apply whether you’re a Dad staying at home or a Mum.

I think the third one about being accepted is a concern I can really understand that applies predominantly to dads I would have thought. The world of parenting is Mum dominated, and as such will a Dad be accepted in the play groups they attend, or soft play or other activities too? I hope for this Dad that he is accepted and embraced. Take a read, do you think these are reasonable?

Kid Translator

Blogger: Daddy Poppins

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I would love a kiddie translator!
I would love a kiddie translator!

I’ll not need this for a while with N but could have done with this with many other children I have looked after. I like it when you’ve got some nut chocolate for example, and a little one asks “what’s that?”

Me: nut chocolate
Child: oh I like chocolate
Me: oh good
Child: *looks you in the eye* I like chocolate too
Me: oh great!
Child: I’ve never tried them both together
Me: oh have you not?
Child: no *stares at you*
Me: *stares back*
Child: *looks at chocolate*
Child: *looks at me*
Me: Anyone need a drink?

A bit mean maybe but funny!

Check out these other translations those guys, funny stuff!

Why Should Dads Play With Their Children

Blogger: Dynamic Dad

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This post is really thought provoking. The idea that by choosing to look at your phone, or call someone, you are suggesting to your child that this activity is more important than spending time with them.

Also in this post are some great examples of how a Dad could play with their child, perhaps a jar with games in it on pieces of paper and the child picks one, board games, or a variety of other examples. Perhaps doing some arts and crafts is another way replay with your child.

This is an interesting read…see what you think…

Fire and Fury: Twmbarlwn Blaze

Blogger: My Life As Dad

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the news contains horrible images of the wild fires going on in this dry heat. It has been such a long time since there has been a decent downpour (at least with me), and as much as I’ve been enjoying the sun there have been some challenges as a result. The impact on wildlife for example, duck ponds being dried up (as at Kirklees Light Railway), and the wildfires too. This is the story of one Dad who lived nearby…

Why I’m So Open About My Life Through My Blog?

Blogger: DIY Daddy

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Why write a blog?
Why write a blog?

Having read through this the reason this blogger writes his blog and the reason he is so open is very clear, and really comes across in his posts. He is very open and honest, and I think you have to be when writing a blog. For me I’m largely writing a diary for me son and trying to help people. For this I firmly believe I have to be honest and open so other parents know the truth about having a baby. No point sugar coating it. If you’re not open and honest it can be tricky to make a blog successful I think, and certainly to keep it going long term. There are other reasons this blogger is so open too…take a look…

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

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