BT 6000 Video Baby Monitor – Review

There are many things that you worry about when you’re a new parent (or even an experienced parent I’m sure), but using the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 to watch over your baby when you’re not in the same room helps alleviate some worries at this time.

I'm giving it 5/5
I’m giving it 5/5

Of course the biggest worry is that they stop breathing or something like that. That perhaps they drag something into their cot, get stuck on bumpers (not that we have those things, and never would!) and who knows what else. As such, having a good quality monitor makes a real difference in comfort levels.

To me though this monitor is great. I’ll explain a bit more why I think that over this post but I really fail to fault it very much at all. As such I give it five Dads out of five.

BT Video Baby Monitor – The Basics

Here's N in the Next2Me Cot
Here’s N in the Next2Me Cot

This is a baby monitor which has a camera to put in place to watch your baby plus a remote viewing screen to watch your baby.

The camera is wired. It can be hung on the wall (if you use some screws) or stood on a flat surface. The camera tilts up and down and moves left and right. It’s very lightweight too so fairly easy to place anywhere. The wire is fairly long too which gives you some flexibility.

The viewing unit can be wired but it also has a battery so it doesn’t have to be. Signal range is very good on it too, we have the camera in the front room upstairs and can take the viewing unit to the back of our garden and still get a good signal. To be fair that’s not that far as our garden isn’t huge but the signal still has to go through a couple of walls and floor so it’s pretty strong. The viewing screen is 5 inches which is great so everything is very clear. The image is of great quality too, we often use it to see if he is breathing. We can see if his eyes are open, if the Gro Bag moves, great quality images. There are lights up the side of the viewing unit too which lights up depending on how loud the baby cries.

In terms of the functionality the highlights are:

  • Ability to zoom
  • You can move the camera remotely so if your little one moves around much you can track them with the camera
  • There is a microphone built in so you can speak to your baby/child remotely
  • You can play melodies remotely too that are built in to the camera
  • The functionality is there to be able to add additional cameras but we’ve not needed to yet. You can add them but still just use one viewing unit and switch cameras
  • Programme it so it does not show a picture unless you ask it to (by pressing a button) or the baby cries
  • It can tell you the temperature in the babies room too (handy in this heat!)

BT Video Baby Monitor – Usability 5/5

This really is a very simple to use.

In terms of the camera you plug it in, point it at the baby and leave it. Couldn’t really be much easier.

The viewing unit is also very simple. Moving the camera is simple, you just press ‘OK’ and move the arrows. To change the volume just press the arrows. To view your baby when they are asleep just press the on/of button. It really couldn’t be much easier to use. Also, the 5″ screen is fantastic and just makes it so much easier to see your baby.

It is great to be able to move the camera remotely. There has been many times when N has moved literally out of camera shot (he is frequently known to turn around 180 degrees and move up and down the cot) and we’ve had to move the camera whilst sitting in the lounge. So handy!

BT Video Baby Monitor – Convenience 5/5

Good quality images
Good quality images

I struggle to understand much that could be changed about this to make it more convenient.

The viewing unit has a large screen which is great for starters. It’s of such good quality too which is fab. Buttons and symbols on the screen are easy to use and understand. The signal reaches a long way too which means it’s handy to sit in the garden for example.

The two biggest convenience factors though are the ability to remotely move the camera and being able to speak to your baby/child from wherever you are. In terms of speaking to your baby/child we can’t take advantage yet as N is too young, but in time we will when he can understand and talk back. Moving the camera is fantastic though and something we need to do regularly.

The one thing I think it would be great to be able to do though is switch off the lights on the unit at night. These are the lights down the side of the unit used to denote how loud the child is crying. The simple fact is that even one light is very bright, too bring for us (though we do like a pitch black room). We do cover it carefully with a hair bobble (making sure to avoid the speaker) but the lights are of no use to us so we would just turn them off.

BT Video Baby Monitor – Quality 5/5

I seem to quite often say in my reviews that I can’t fault the quality of an item I’m reviewing but there’s a very good reason for this. I read reviews before I buy something, just as your are doing! I’m not going to buy something that is of low quality or with particular issues that people mention in their reviews. As such, this monitor is of very high quality and I really can’t fault it. 

The camera feels of a high quality, moves well and very smoothly. The viewing unit is also of good quality. The buttons feel good when pressed, the image is good too. There are no rattles or anything like that to this at all.

BT Video Baby Monitor – Value 5/5

Currently (July 2018) this video is £97.99 on Amazon. Where does this price fit in the range of other monitors? Having had a look through them it seems to be that the price of a monitor depends on two factors mainly; whether it has a video element to it, and the size of the video screen. In general the cost seems to go up in almost three steps based on this (i.e. no video, small video screen and large video screen).

Clearly there will be exceptions to this but this is my impression.

As such, for a screen of this size I think the price is fairly middle of the range. We really value the size of the screen so we can, quite frankly, see him breathing. When you put them down by themselves for the first time, and then in their own room for the first time, you don’t turn it off and just keep looking to see if they are breathing, and this video and screen size is great for that. I remember looking so frequently as soon as we put him down by himself, and even now we often just check anyway. Trust me, most of you will just check too when you’ve just started putting them down by themselves.

With all of the extras that you get, particularly the ability to move the camera remotely, I really believe this is great value for money.

BT Video Baby Monitor – Summary

The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is great!!
The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is great!!

I really believe this monitor is fantastic. The screen is a great size and of very good quality which is very important to me. The fact that you can move the camera remotely is of so much help I can’t describe. The quality is fantastic, it’s really easy to use and the price is good too.

The one issue is that I’d like to be able to turn off the lights, especially at night, as they’re of very little use to us.

Were I looking for a monitor again I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this one.

Have you bought it? What did you think?

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