Six Months Gone – He’s Growing So Quick!

I can’t believe that the first six months have gone now. I remember so well everything that happened on his first day, the day I became a Daddy. It was an amazing day, forever etched into my mind (and on this blog!).

Can't believe he is six months old!
Can’t believe he is six months old!

The thing I’m really conscious of is truly how quickly the time has flown by. Every so often you catch yourself and think “I can’t believe how quick the time has gone, I need to cherish every minute.” That’s so true, and writing this blog helps me to do that. I’ve got a dreadful memory in the most part (other than in work really) so this blog helps me remember things so much better.

So where is he at currently?


He's in his own room!
He’s in his own room!

He is in his own room! I wrote my post on three tips for moving your baby to their own room shortly after he had moved in there and *touch wood* it is going so so well thus far. We have only had to go in at night once to help him (and that was only putting his dummy in and walking back out) which is great. A few evening visits every now and again but not much.

He is still going up for our bedtime routine at 6pm and getting into bed at 7pm (bath, bottle, bed) which seems to be working well. He is then getting up at 7:30 (I wake him up for our routine and to get him ready for when he starts going to nursery).

This routine seems to have been going well. He is enjoying his bath so much, largely because I think I have made it so much fun for him and set him up with a good routine from when he was a newborn. I think this helps him when it comes to going to bed which is great.


It’s so clear to see the developments in him each and every week.

Currently he is sitting up well and playing with lots of toys. His latest favourite seems to be a Jellycat monkey but the trick with this little one is to have lots of toys on hand. He has a typical short attention span at this age.

We’ve got his walker out too, a Winnie the Pooh Bright Stars one. He absolutely loves it. He’s just tall enough to be able to touch the floor sufficiently to move around. In fact we’ve just taken up a rug in our lounge so he has more space to run around. He’s so full of joy when you look at him and he moves around!

The main thing I’m so impressed with though is how well he is doing standing and moving. He is now able to walk as long as I hold his arms and encourage him. You can actually see him thinking it through before moving each foot. It’s not like he can properly walk or anything like that, he’s very unsteady, wobbly and slow, but I did not think that he would start doing this at under six months. Given that he hates lying on his front I just wonder whether he will be one of those that walks before he can crawl.


Food glorious food!
Food glorious food!

We’ve now started giving him food which is fantastic. I didn’t appreciate though how much extra work it was going to be to give him some food and also fit in the same amount of bottles for him. To fit in five bottles and then find time for three meals is tough, especially for Clare being at home and doing it each day. It’s so hard to find the time for her to go out anywhere given the schedule he is keeping with his feeding and naps.

I think due to him teething he loves to have cold things to eat and struggles a bit more with hot food. At the minute he is loving some baby friendly yoghurts for example, as well as some home made fruit lollies. In fact, he also loves fruit. Single fruits or fruits combined together in a puree. Currently he doesn’t like porridge but he is only just getting to try it and it takes 8-10 attempts to learn to like something I believe, so we will persevere.


He is still going swimming and loves it as much as he ever has. It’s an interesting one to be fair as the classes take place during one of his nap times, so the fact he enjoys it is impressive.

For the first time in the last class he actually did grab a floating duck when we told him to “reach reach reach.” He grabbed a duck and wouldn’t let it go the cheeky so and so. He normally just likes to be moved around like a little lord but this time he started doing a bit more.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Peekaboo
  • Giggling
  • Seemingly pulling Mummy’s hair!
  • Having things, even nappies (clean ones!), put over his eyes for a split second and pulled away
  • His walker
  • Bath time
  • Lots of foods, like parsnips, broccoli, fruits, yoghurt, the list goes on!
  • Mummy and Daddy – you can see his little face light up when he sees us


  • Hiccups (still!)
  • Porridge (for now)
  • Being on his front. He has turned over front to back before now a number of times but he just throws his arms wide and whines now!
  • Doing anything for longer than 15 minutes

Looking Forward

I can’t wait to see what comes in the next six months. The first six have gone past so quickly, I’m sure it’ll be his birthday before I know it! I often think about the amazing life he will lead, the things he could do, the literal world full of possibilities. I can’t wait to see what sort of toddler and child he will turn into!

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