Blyss 9k BTU Air Conditioning Unit Review

I'll give it 3 dads out of 5
I’ll give it 3 dads out of 5

Wow the weather is so hot recently. It makes it so difficult to get the nursery anywhere near the right temperature for N to sleep in, and then there’s deciding what he should wear too which is another conundrum (I tend to use this website for what to put him in each night. It’s great, check it out) so we bought the Blyss 9k BTU Air Conditioning Unit. I’ll give it three dads out of five and here’s why…

Blyss AC Unit Box
Blyss AC Unit Box

Anyway, I appreciate that it is hot for everyone at the moment as this heat never seems to stop. For us it’s slightly different as we live in a dormer bungalow, which basically means that we are in a bungalow but the loft has been converted into bedrooms (which makes storage space a premium in our house!). This means that between us and the sun beating down all day we have a flat roof. This means it gets ridiculously hot, sometimes up to 28 degrees.

Therefore we need to make the room cooler. Those days with no wind certainly don’t help the situation as opening the windows makes absolutely no difference!

Hence, we decided to get an air conditioning unit to help cool the bedroom for N.

The Basics

It’s fairly straightforward to be honest. It’s an air conditioning unit. It can cool and heat the air in a bedroom. It has a tube on the back of the unit which you put the non-attached end out the window so the warm air can vent outside. You could put a hole in your wall and make it a permanent feature if you want but we didn’t want to do that.

It’s portable too which means therefore you can move it around from room to room. Bear in mind though that you would have to shut the bedroom door to only cool one room at a time. It’s not realistic to expect it to cool the entire upstairs of your house, that would take too long.

It also acts as a dehumidifier but I’ve not had cause to use that so I can’t review that element.

Blyss Air Conditioning Unit – Usability 5/5

Top View Of The Unit
Top View Of The Unit

The unit has two methods to change the setting, one is a display on the top of the unit and another is a remote control. Both are easy to use with images on them clearly show what each button and light refers to. To set the temperature, fan speed or just to put it on a fan setting is very easy.

In how I use it the remote has no benefit personally. I’m leaving it in the nursery so if I want to turn it on I have to go upstairs anyway and go in the room. As such a remote doesn’t stop that. It could be of benefit though if you have it in your lounge for example and want to turn it on from the sofa.

I’ve another air conditioning unit so I know the vent that has to go out the window is pretty simple anyway. Once you have the pieces connected (it only take a few minutes) it’s easy to put the vent out of your window. You just need to make sure you pull your window shut to ‘trap’ the hose. If you don’t it could fall back in your room and you’re then basically pumping hot air into the room out the vent and cold air out the unit, which has happened to me a few times with another unit. This means it gets very very hot! You have been warned!

I don’t see how this could be any easier to use. I have chosen to not fit it permanently and so use the hose out the window which just makes it more of a faff but still easy to use.

Blyss Air Conditioning Unit – Convenience 3/5

Back Of The AC Unit
Back Of The AC Unit

The main convenience in this of course is the fact that it’s portable. You can put this in any home in the house as long as there is a window.

However, that’s the definition of a portable air conditioning unit, so for you to potentially compare it to other similar units it’s not that fair to score it much based on that.

However, it does have a remote which is a plus for some. It’s not too big and bulky really. It can be used in a permanent situation or temporary with a hose out the window. There are many convenient factors about it.

However there are three main drawbacks.

  1. It’s a heavy beast – to say this is portable it true. To say it’s easily portable, especially on carpet is not. I’ve mentioned that I have another similar unit. The Blyss one is heavier
  2. It needs a better handle – because it’s heavy it needs a good handle you can grip your whole hand around, like you were lifting dumbbells. However, with this one there is only a small handle into which you can push your fingertips. You can’t get a firm hold which is a shame and it makes it harder to move it
  3. Nowhere to wrap the wire – imagine you move this from one room to another along the corridor. It’s heavy, dragging it with a small handle on carpet is tough, and then you have to hold the wire in your hand too. It needs something to wrap it around like on a hoover

Blyss Air Conditioning Unit – Quality 4/5

I really can’t fault the quality of it. The feel of it is good, it doesn’t rattle when it’s on, the buttons are good (they’re kind of covered in some sort of plastic so have a soft feel). The remote looks and feels good. There’s really nothing you can fault about it at all thus far.

There’s really not a lot that I can say about the quality of it. It’s top notch.

UPDATE: Since using the air con unit a problem has come to my attention. Obviously this is supposed to be portable. You’re able to drag it round from room to room. However, if you drag is around in slightly the wrong way the rubber nozzle that stops the collected water coming out is pulled off and water starts leaking out the back. I noticed a little by accident. This could easily be missed. It should be a screw on, not a bit of rubber you push on.

Blyss Air Conditioning Unit – Value 5/5

Front View
Front View

We paid £249.99 from Screwfix. For a portable air conditioning unit this is on the cheaper range of the scale. There are less expensive ones and some much more expensive. For what you get I think this is good value.

Ultimately this air conditioning unit works well, cools quickly due to the extra power it has (compared to our previous one), can take the temperature down to 16 degrees (so handy in this heat). It looks good, feels of high quality and is simple to use. As such, for £249.99, when you’re looking at getting a portable air conditioning unit, this fits the bill and is good value in my opinion.

Blyss Air Conditioning Unit – Summary

Overall this is a good unit. For the price you pay I think the unit is very good and well worth buying. The only drawbacks are around the portability of it, the weight, where to hold to drag it and the fact there’s nowhere to wrap the wire. They’re the only things wrong. For us we move it about 1.5m so it’s ok. This would be tough if you want to start moving it up and down stairs or anything that far really. However, for us I would buy this again.

Have you bought this? What did you think? Any other good AC units you’ve bought?

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Great review 🙂 I’m desperate for a decent air con unit but worried that spending too little won’t cool down the room. I’m not really bothered about the noise or how easy it is to move so after reading this I’ll take the plunge and get the cheaper screwfix model 🙂 Cheers mate

  2. Hi there! What was the noise level on this? We just bought a Russell Hobbs and it is deafening and worth it will not allow the baby to sleep!

    1. Hi, I’d say whichever one you buy they won’t be silent as they will have a motor to cool the air and a fan to push it out into the room. With this one it does have 3 levels of fan so can be made a bit quieter. I’d say it’s like having a desk fan on the middle setting, something like that. Of course they will all go on to cool the air and then when it hits the desired temperature it will go off, then back on when too warm, then off when desired temp etc. That means all AC units are not necessarily consistent which could be an issue for a baby.

      We tend to put ours on early and switch off at bedtime as it’s cool enough outside.

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