My Sunday Photo – Carvery Time

Who doesn’t love a fantastic Carvery? Especially one on Father’s Day with a pint! My Grandad-in-law would very much approve of a Yorkshire man having a pint with his Sunday lunch, he always thought it was compulsory.

Well there we are then.

Yum Yum Yum!
Yum Yum Yum!

But why is this important to me? Well, I think us dads are relatively simple to please on Father’s Day really. What more do we need that to spend time with our child(ren) and our partners? Isn’t that what Fathers Day is all about. Yes of course presents are welcome (I’m not going to turn them down am I!) but the mere time to spend with N today and Clare is the best present of all!

I did get some amazing gifts though, very special and unique to me and N with photos, books, baby clothes, Daddy socks and some amazing personalised cuff links I’ve done very well!

I’ll write more about my first Father’s Day in a specific post but I’ll leave it there for now so I can go enjoy the rest of it.

Have an amazing Father’s Day all you fab dads out there!


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