Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 15th June 2018

It’s been a good week this week in terms of the blogs I’ve read (and many other ways too!). I’ve collected together some of my favourites into one list for ease. Enjoy!

Top 20 Things Dads With Mums Knew

Blogger: The Dad Network

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This post is about some things that dads wish they could say to all mums out there. These comments came from dads on The Dad Network following a post about things mums wish dads knew. I think it’s important to share these so that anyone reading this gets a picture of the situation from a dads point of view. I wonder which ones you think apply to you or the Dad in your household.

Do Dads Really Care About Fathers Day: Absolutely!

Blogger: DIY Daddy

Happy Father's Day Everyone!
Happy Father’s Day Everyone!


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Well this is a very well timed post given that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. Us bloggers don’t just make it up as we go along you know (well I do but others are more organised!). This shows the results of a survey done by the Royal Mail on what Dads really want for Father’s Day. I won’t ruin the surprise too much but in short it shows that dads really do care about Father’s Day and that they’re a relatively simple bunch to please. Stuck for ideas? Check out this post for some suggestions.

7 Things Parents Of Toddlers Wish They Didn’t Have To Say…

Blogger: The Out Of Depth Dad

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I always find it quite funny thinking of the things we may have to say and do with N in the future. I often wonder what he will be like, what will he enjoy doing, eating, playing. There really are so many possibilities for him. For this reason I often find it funny when I see other parents writing posts about the things they say to their child or their child says to them (kids come out with the funniest things!). This post is a good example of this. Number seven is particularly rib tickling.

Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Blogger: Adelaide Dad Blog

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We saw a programme a while ago looking at the gender roles in primary school children and how boys are seen by other primary school children as strong and girls really not, for example, amongst many other stereotypes. Whereas actually there’s little difference in primary school ages. As such, topics such as this really stand out as interesting and shows how influential we are on their little minds.

We are keen that whatever makes N happy we will try and help him with it. For example if it makes him happy to play with a pushchair for example, a toy which is stereotypically a girls toy, then so what.

It’s not just in kids though. It’s so present in the parents and it’ll take time to break down barriers. More Dads going part time will help this, and how amazing to spend that time with your baby! This post is one dads view of his situation. It’s a really interesting read.

Don’t Doubt Yourself Dad, Just Be Awesome

Blogger: Dad Blog UK

Be Awesome Dads!
Be Awesome Dads!


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This is a really interesting post. There are a number of articles and memes etc all about dads who are portrayed in the newspapers, advertising and social media as bumbling idiots (just think of Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig!). Thankfully there are laws against these things now which is good. Things are progressing in this way which is good.

However, I wonder how many times dads bash themselves, even in jest. The thing is, jokes in jest can stick in the mind of those that hear them and reinforce stereotypes. Perhaps it’s from a lack of confidence that such jokes are made, who knows.

Anyway, it’s a good read about this topic so take a look!

There You Have It…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blog posts just click here.


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