My First Father’s Day

So this year has seen my first ever Father’s Day! I can’t tell you how excited I was by this day, it’s been a long time coming for us and now it’s here it’s such a special day, as special as my birthday even (I wish I could say Christmas but nothing comes close to that for me when everyone is together in high spirits – or too many spirits perhaps!).

Wow, I'm Brilliant!
Wow, I’m Brilliant!

N truly outdid himself this year. I’m surprised he managed to do quite so much so well at his young age but he must be so advanced.

Somehow he managed to get hold of Mummy’s phone and order some presents for me. Well done N! More on that shortly though.

I Never Thought This Would Happen

We’ve been married for 12 years now. It has been a great 12 years with some amazing highs but also, sadly, some significant lows.

During this time we have always wanted children. Unfortunately Clare has a medical condition which means it’s incredibly difficult to get pregnant. In fact we were classed as an infertile couple. I think this is the case if you’ve been trying for a child for more than two years but have been unsuccessful.

We were at nearly 11 years by the time Clare got pregnant. As such, we had become accustomed to the fact that this wasn’t going to happen. We did at one point have an early miscarriage which I’ll write more about at another time, but we were making all sorts of plans of what our future could look like, and they weren’t with children in the picture.

Then the miracle happened, and along came N!

What We Did For Father’s Day

We were away in Seahouses which is always a good start, and it’s the World Cup! So can you imagine what we did? Yep, watched loads of football and drank beer!

As the games didn’t kick off until the afternoon we started by having a slow relaxing breakfast as it was our first morning on holiday, and giving N some breakfast. Then we went for a walk around Seahouses and went for an amazing carvery (which was #MySundayPhoto) followed by a bit of a walk to burn off some of our lunch!

Following this we basically camped in a club on the site where we were staying. I drank lots of beer (only I did as I wasn’t the responsible adult that day!) and watched so much football I’m sure I dreamt about it! At the same time I was playing with N for most of the day which was great as he loves smiling and giggling.

Wonderful presents

This boy does love his baths!
This boy does love his baths!

N did amazingly well with the presents he got me this year. The lad’s got good instincts!

Firstly the card was a Funky Pigeon one with loads of photos of me and him, all from the very first day he was born up until a couple of weeks ago. I think the first Father’s Day card is incredibly special, and one I will keep forever, so it’s fab he has done well on that one!

I also got a pair of socks that said I’m the Best Daddy Ever. Sorry guys, but apparently I am!

He knows me so well!
He knows me so well!

I also got a little book filled with photos of me and N which is amazing, plus a block photo to stand on my desk of one of his professional photos in his Tottenham gear.

I also got a little book called “Why My Daddy Is Absolutely Brilliant” which contained some photos of us two and descriptions of why I’m brilliant. It has been tailored to me and so mentioned some of the specific things I like doing with him that he enjoys, like tickling him!

He got me some amazing cuff links too, ones that say his name, date of birth and in the middle a clock showing the time he was born. These are beautiful and given I wear cuff links a lot I’ll certainly be wearing these the most as they’re my new favourite!

Finally, N got himself a t-shirt which says “This Little Dude Has An Awesome Daddy”. Well there’s a vote of confidence, and he’s letting the whole world know! He really has outdone himself today with the amazing gifts he has got me. I’ll be keeping these forever. Well done N!!

One Happy Daddy!

I had a fantastic day on Father’s Day. Yes I got some amazing presents but the biggest thing for me was spending time with N and Clare. What more could a Dad want?

How was your Father’s Day?

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