Things Only Parents Talk About

I do find it amusing the change in the conversation between being just a married couple and parents. I never thought we would talk quite so much about these topics! Since day one (which you can find out more about here) our chats have changed significantly.


You need a lot of these!
You need a lot of these!

Straight in there, no messing (straight in there with the topic that is, not into poo!). If you’re a parent you’ve done it, don’t deny it. I can’t imagine that any parent has not talked about poo several times a week (or daily in reality!).

  • What colour is it?
  • How much there was
  • How frequent is it?
  • Has he/she had one today?
  • Are they constipated?
  • They’re going too frequently!
  • It’s your turn for that nappy!
  • He had a poo with no nappy on! Help!
  • It’s on his clothes
  • Oh no it’s all over the place, where do I even start?
  • Oh no I got it all over my hand…

You get the gist. The phrase poonami should be in the dictionary, I’m sure it’s used enough!


Feed feed feed!
Feed feed feed!

Every single day, several times per day, this is discussed, with three basic questions:

  • How much has he had in that feed?
  • When was his last feed?
  • When is his next feed?

Every. Single. Day.

There’s a few other questions too of course such as around reflux, or are bottles clean, and different ones again around breast feeding I’m sure. Then there’s the chats around weaning too. When should we start? What approach should we take? Should we buy his equipment to help? Feeding is a hot topic when you’re a parent of a newborn, so get used to it!

What to Buy

There are so many things out there to buy for a baby it’s unreal, and on most of it you could add 20% to the price simply because it’s for a baby. Yet how much of it really works? How much truly makes a difference? How much of it do you need versus want?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves but we are quite happy to buy this and that to make our lives just that bit easier. We’ve just bought a Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender from Amazon (always Amazon right?!) for £50 (it was on offer from £69.99) for when we start to wean N. Could we manage without it? Yes. Do we want to? No, it makes our lives easier so why not buy it?

We have an Amazon package turning up at our door multiple times per week with baby related stuff we’ve bought! This is a chat we have so often, what do we need? Does he need more clothes? Nappies? Formula? New and exciting gadgets?

I’d get used to this chat early on if I were you!


It never ends. It really doesn’t. Our washing machine has never seen so much action, and we always end up talking about washing. Oh the exciting conversations we have! We need to put a load in. We’ve a load to get out. This needs washing, that’s got a stain on it. Where is this top? Where is this babygrow? That’s not dry yet.

If you’re about to have a baby, get used to this chat!

Other Babies

Baby chat!
Baby chat!

Once you’ve had a baby you meet many other people who have babies. It’s great to meet them all and see how N interacts with them (usually just by staring!).

You’ll find you just talk about other babies a lot. Isn’t so and so cute? That top is so nice. I wonder where they got that toy? They’ve just started doing this or that. This baby seems to be sleeping well. I’ve never spoken about babies quite so much!

Love For Your Baby

Isn’t this the most wonderful conversation of all? I and Clare often talk about how overcome you get just looking at him, and the simple joy of a smile on his face. We’ve been married for 12 years soon enough, and right now is the best time we’ve ever had. We often discuss this and say how thankful we are, how lucky we feel. That is the most amazing discussion of all isn’t it!

Many Many Other Things

You will find that when you become a parent, at least to start, 90% of what you talk about is the baby. Simple as that. It is important though to try and get time to discuss other things, perhaps when your baby goes to bed a bit earlier than you. Carve out that time, it’s important in order to keep you happy (and sane!).

What sort of things did you (or do you) discuss shortly after your baby was born?

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