Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 20th April 2018

I’ve written a few posts this week which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, particularly about my five goals for being a Dad. Really interesting to pause and think about that.

As part of this I’ve continued to read other blogs and here are some of my favourites…

Teaching Toddler L My Bad Habits

I wonder what N will learn from me!
I wonder what N will learn from me!

Blogger: The DADventurer

Blog Post Link

I can’t wait to see what interesting bad habits or phrases I end up purposefully or accidentally teaching N. I think all parents accidentally teach their kids things. I still have phrases my Mum and Dad said to me that come to mind frequently and I’m sure I’ve behaviours I’ve picked up too. It’s just part of being a parent isn’t it?! Here are some of the things this Dad has taught L, and I think the fist one plus kids seems to go hand in hand!

Have a look, do any of them ring true for you?

Getting Therapy to Help With Your Mental Health

Blogger: DIY Daddy

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I’m keen for N to be open with Clare and I about how he is feeling and what’s going on with his life. I want to be really supportive of him, as I mentioned here, and that can be in the form of just listening to him. I really think there is a massive mental health issue in this country as people don’t want to talk about it, and it will take years to change that.

This post follows on from a previous one by this Dad about him having a stroke, and discusses the impact on his mental health and how he is seeking help for it. Definitely worth a read.

Five Things That Freak Me Out Since Becoming a Dad

Blogger: Three Time Daddy

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I’m sure my list of things that freak me out will build up very shortly to a longer list, but over on Three Time Daddy he has captured some of those that stand out to him. Number one and number three I completely agree with! So annoying when they happen!

Letter to my Baby: I Had Postnatal Depression When You Were Born

Very moving piece on mental health
Very moving piece on mental health

Blogger: Isablog

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This is a really powerful and moving post about a letter this Dad has written to his daughter all about having postnatal depression following her birth. He truly ‘lays it on the line’ as it were and is very open with her. Let’s be honest, as he says, she couldn’t go through her life given the modern world we life in, and not find the blog. As such, having that conversation with her to talk about it is important to this Dad, and this letter starts that talk with her.

The Perfect Comeback

Blogger: Thirsty Daddy

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Bullying. How I despise it. A tool for cowards to feel strong by picking on those they see as being weak. Now if I ever find out that N bullies anyone I will make it clear in no uncertain terms that it will not be happening again as I find it completely unacceptable. If however someone bullies N, right now as I write this, I’m not sure what I’d do. A big part of me would want to fly off the handle, so to speak. Another part would speak to the teachers. A third part would clearly be to speak to N about it (this would obviously come first in reality!). Perhaps it’s something I should prepare for in advance just in case it ever happens. I’ll have to think on that. But here’s what a Dad did over at Thirsty Daddy when his daughter got bullied…

There You Have It…

There really are some great Dad bloggers across the world and I enjoy reading their thoughts, and hopefully you have too. If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blogs just click here.

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