Baby Jekyll and Baby Hyde

It was all going so well. N was sleeping like a trooper, not crying, having some nice awake time during the day, playing on his play gym mat and staring into our eyes in the most loving way.

Then it all changed…

The Screaming

Yes, screaming. Not crying, but screaming. Screaming to that point where they can’t breathe so you have to blow on their face to make them pause for breathe.

Red faced.

Open mouthed.


He screams like a piglet with a megaphone
He screams like a piglet with a megaphone

Screaming like a little piglet with a megaphone.

Colic. Delightful. I thought colic was a term for abdomen pain and wind (which is the actual definition). However, according to the NHS it’s a term for excessive frequent crying for babies that appear otherwise healthy.

That’s the difficult thing. You can’t see anything wrong. You do tummy massaging, make sure you feed him in the best way and wind thoroughly. You cuddle him, soothe him, give him a dummy, change his nappy. Yet he keeps crying. Eventually he calms down but it takes a while, and the only lengthy moments of peace and quiet are when he is asleep which is a real shame.

Waah waah! I’m not happy but I don’t know why! WAAH WAAH! You sort it out whatever it is! Waah waah! No I don’t know what it is so I can’t tell you. Work it out, it’s your job! Waah waah!


Other than the distress he is obviously feeling it’s also incredibly distressing to us. Our child is here, in our arms, crying because he is in some sort of distress. It could be pain, it could just be he needs soothing, or some other unknown reason. But it’s horrendous to hear him in such a state and see him stop breathing because of it.

Not N but you get the point!
Not N but you get the point!

I know it’s pretty normal. Most, if not all babies have a period of time like this. It doesn’t make it any easier when it’s yours though.

It does get to the point too where you go outside and know your life will be so much easier if he decided to stay asleep for a while. Him waking up means trying to calm him down for ages. That’s ok at home but just plain awkward when out and about.

It Will End In Time

I realise it’s horrendous now. It is likely to be for a number of weeks, but it will end. It could be weeks, or months perhaps, but it will end. In the most difficult times you cling to that very fact and pray it’s even sooner!

Have you had this? Was there anything that helped you? We find putting him in his sling helps. Any other tips?

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