An Ode to Sleep

An Ode to Sleep
An Ode to Sleep
Oh sleep I used to know you
But that was long ago
We were best friends through the years
Where you’ve gone I’d like to know


As a teen we were inseparable
Weekends especially good
Weekdays a bit more tricky
But I’d get you where I could


I’d get home from school
And often fall asleep
For an hour or two each evening
You’d not hear a peep


Then at Uni it got better
No early starts for me
I’d stay up late out drinking
Then stay in bed with thee


After Uni I began to work
Again I had to get up
Caffeine would help me along
The odd tea in my cup


How We Miss A Good Nights Sleep!
How We Miss A Good Nights Sleep!
Weekends were still there though
And sleep I loved so much
Stay in bed for oh so long
To you I would always clutch


But now you seem to have gone from me
Now this little one is born
You and I we seem to split
Apart we have been torn


One full night would be nice
To sleep right through the night
Now for every minute
It seems I have to fight


I know you’ll come back someday
A long way off it seems
We’ll meet again one day my friend
If only in day dreams


I’ll survive a while without you
I will make it through
But don’t you dare forget me
For one day I’ll find you


But for now don’t worry
For I have got my son
I’d give up anything I could
For that tiny little one

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  1. I don’t know why but that made me feel slightly emotional aha. So true that even though our little ones scare away sleep from our lives, it always seems worth it. Well done Kevin i enjoyed that.

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