First Premier League Tottenham Game

Today is the first Premier League match Spurs have played since N was born and we are both in our Spurs kits!

Tottenham v Everton

N and I are ready for the game!
N and I are ready for the game!

Spurs are at home (well, at Wembley while the new ground is built) today in the 5:30pm kick off. We’ve not got BT Sport so can’t watch it sadly but following on Twitter etc.

Clare is an Everton fan so it’s probably difficult for her to see us both in our kits but she did suggest it! It will be a tough game against Everton as they’re an improving side under Sam Allardyce but hopefully we can win.

I’ve always wanted a son/daughter to support Spurs with me and Clare knew how important it was so she didn’t complain too much!

I’m going to spoil this child with Spurs stuff!

Now for the nervous time of the game…!

Spurs baby grow for N
Spurs baby grow for N

Daddy what’s going on? Why are you changing my outfit again? I don’t think I’ve soiled this one have I?

You do seem particularly pleased that I’m in this outfit, much like my going home outfit. Well, whatever makes you happy.

I’m off to sleep now.

The Result

So Tottenham won 4-0. Fantastic result. A couple from Kane (of course), one from Son (one of the most underrated player in the league in my opinion) and Eriksen (amazing player).

By all accounts we played really well, though apparently Everton didn’t play well at all. I’m so glad that we won given it was my first Premier League game with N being here in his little Spurs baby grow.

Oh, and N was asleep during 90% of the game!

I can’t wait to go the next step and go to actual game with N. This is one of the main things I’m looking forward to as mentioned here.

Do you remember your first game with your baby? Or perhaps the first game you go to together?

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