Five Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Future

Before N was born (my first blog about the first day is here) there was an awful lot that I was looking forward to in the future, probably too many things to even try and capture here. However, I thought that since the idea of this blog is like a diary for N to look back on, it could be nice for him to read what we were looking forward to experiencing with him in the future.

I still remember now how when we discovered my wife was pregnant we downloaded one of those apps that compares the size of the baby to a variety of foods, mostly fruit. At first we were in our own little bubble where we were the only ones who knew for a short while, which was lovely in its own way (with those little sideways knowing glances!). Then came ‘Poppy Seed’. This was the first size I remember where the baby was comparable to something we could recognise and hold. I remember getting bread which had poppy seeds on it and pointing it out to Clare and saying “it’s that big”. From the moment we found out we were imagining our future life with this child.

1. Christmas

Wooden Nativity Scene
Wooden Nativity Scene

One of the biggest and most exciting things for me to look forward to is Christmas. I’m so looking forward to a future when N is old enough to know what Christmas is, and the excitement they will get on Christmas morning and the days before. This whole Elf on the Shelf thing too that’s started quite recently, I’m looking forward to being creative with what the Elf is up to! I guess I’m not looking forward to the early Christmas morning though!

Plus of course the visit to go see Santa, or a trip to Lapland. Finally we have a reasonable excuse to go to Lapland! Which brings me on to my next point…

2. Holidays

Kev in Yosemite
We love holidays!

My wife and I love going on holiday. Before N came along we would go on holiday as often as we could and would thoroughly enjoy finding out as much as we could about new places. Disney World/Land is one particular attraction we are hoping to be able to take N to in the future but we will have to wait a few years for that one!

We are really looking forward to going away with N to lots of new places over the years. We’ve already got 3 holidays planned/booked in the UK thus far in 2018. I think it will be amazing to see his face at seeing all of the new places for the first time. At least in the UK we also have the option of taking Charlie with us, which does remind me…

3. Pets

Charlie and Rocky getting ready
Charlie and Rocky getting ready

As you may know we have a dog called Charlie and a cat called Rocky. I remember thinking that it will be really interesting to see how they both react to having the baby in the house. Charlie is quite protective of us (or at least we think that’s what the barking is about) and Rocky is very friendly and loves following me around everywhere. As such, they could have found their noses bent out of shape a bit with the arrival of N but it seems to be going ok so far.

Rocky has been absolutely fine with N. We thought he would basically relocate himself for a while. However, he just wants attention and to be near to us, so no different to normal! Charlie is very uncertain who this baby is. Charlie licked his ear straight away so hopefully the friendship will grow. I can see those two being trouble in the future. We are just careful to make sure Charlie gets some attention too. We are both keen on animals hence having two pets, and frequently go to the zoo or other attractions such as our local farm…

4. Many more animals!

Near to our house we have a farm which allows you to take children to visit animals and play in a soft play centre. I think this has been a trend over the last 10-20 years for farms, needing to diversify to keep going so starting things like shops, open days or other visitor attractions. Thankfully we have one very close to us.

Emperor Penguin
We love Penguins!

In the future I’m looking forward, when N is a bit older, to taking him there and introducing them to all of the different animals including pigs, sheep, cows and a myriad of other amazing animals. They also open up in spring time when they have all sorts of baby animals that you can hold and feed, like ducklings. I’m so looking forward to seeing the reaction of N to seeing and holding all the different animals.

We thoroughly enjoy going to the zoo too. Chester Zoo is our favourite, and in fact my wife has fed the penguins at Chester Zoo we like it that much. We are both very excited about taking him to the zoo and introducing him to all the animals. We can’t wait to see him smiling away at all of the different sights and sounds.

5. Tottenham

You may notice that I was able to link together the previous topics so they flowed quite nicely. There’s no way I can think of to link a zoo visit with Tottenham so I won’t even try!

Tottenham shirt
Can’t wait to go watch Spurs!

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is to take N to a football game at the new Spurs stadium which is currently under construction. The first thing that N wore was a hat that said “Tottenham’s Newest Fan”, and I’m really hoping that I can encourage N to become a Spurs fan. For us both to celebrate when we score or win a game will be amazing (not setting my hopes too high here by talking about winning a cup of any sort!). As such, taking him to his first game will be so exciting for us both, I’ll just have to make sure it’s a game we are likely to win!

It will also be exciting for my wife as she will no doubt go shopping in London whilst the game is on!

Too Many to Mention in the Future

I think it’s fair to say that the areas noted above are only a few of the things I’m most looking forward to in the future. Bringing home the baby has given us so many opportunities in the future of what we can do and where we can go. All of these opportunities will help us bring up N in the best way possible, and that’s the most exciting thing of all.

I do wonder what other parents looked forward to. What were your hopes when you were having your children? What were you looking forward to? I’d love to hear from you in the notes (may give me ideas!!!)…

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