The Night Before Birth of Our Baby

I’m writing this the night before we are due to go into St James’ Hospital to deliver our baby (but will only publish after birth). I can’t explain properly the mixture of emotions running through us both now. Fear, excitement, nervousness, lots of adrenaline, unable to concentrate on anything other than the baby. Extraordinary really, but I can’t wait!

We are distracting ourselves by going out for something to eat. I think I’d really struggle to just sit inside all evening and just watch TV. At least I’ve been to work today which has helped me during the day, but I feel for my wife who hasn’t done that. However, thankfully we do have my mother-in-law over to stay which is great as it gives more support to Clare plus gives us someone else to focus on.

Getting ready for D-day

Bags are packed
Bags are packed

We’ve got our bags packed (see here), the car seat is in the car ready and prepared and we have the alarm set for the morning.

I have to say there’s something quite evil about having to get up at 5am to get to the hospital for 7am to sit for a long time waiting for a section, plus without eating or drinking for the Mummy-to-be. All that on top of having a baby after which you’ll have no sleep anyway! It’s like an initiation into being parents! At least I get to eat (though out of the sight of Clare of course – secretly scoffing food!) so I can be helpful during and after the section and focus on them both.

Having said about getting up early I’m not really expecting to sleep anyway!

So, it’s time for sleep (or to try anyway) and look forward to what tomorrow has to bring. How our lives are going to change!!

What was it like for you the night before a c-section? I expect this is bringing back a flood of memories for you!

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