He’s Walking!

The time has finally come! The little dude is walking now!

I’m writing this the morning after he walked for the first time, and already he seems to dislike it, crying when I try to get him to walk (though in fairness he woke unusually early on this particular morning and I can’t be bothered walking much either!).

Taken His Time

Little N was 16 months and 11 days when he walked for the first time.

It’s an odd one really as he has been perfectly capable of walking for a while, he has always just liked holding on to our finger.

He has had very strong legs for ages, very capable of holding his weights for months and months, but we think it was a confidence thing.

He wasn’t actually standing up unaided either, that only came yesterday on 16th May 2019 (no, I’ve not published this for a while…other things going on like being on holiday!). Again it seemed to be a confidence thing. As soon as he did it for a short while he just felt more confident in himself to be able to do it.

No Stopping Him

We always thought that as soon as he got the confidence to be able to do it once then there would be no stopping him. That was certainly the case yesterday!

Once he had taken those first few steps he didn’t want to stop. Off he went to the utility room by himself before we knew it!

The boy loves brushing his teeth. It’s a bit weird really how much he loves it, but it was motivation enough to get him to walk to the bathroom too! Then he walked back to bed too.

At least we won’t have to carry him as much now!!

This video is not quite of his first steps, but perhaps his third set of steps…

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