Six Tips For Making Christmas Special With A Baby

I know I know any Christmas with a baby is special, right?

With a baby such things seem to take on a very different complexion. As though you’re not really that bothered for yourself as you know you will have a great time as long as your baby does.

Am I right?

Well, it certainly is the case for me. The thing is though, how can you make sure Christmas is great for your baby? At the end of the day they have no clue what day it is. Based on what I’ve seen they only get that around the age of three, maybe four. So what can you do for your baby at the most wonderful time of the year?

Disney Advent Calendar

Baby Christmas
Fab Disney Advent Calendar

We really enjoy having advent calendars each year. I was reminiscing the other day with a mate about having advent calendars that were religious and didn’t have chocolate in when we were younger! How old that made me feel!

More recently we have ones that are decorative and you put your own chocolate in. However, this year we’ve decided to get a beer calendar for me and a wine one for Clare. Fairly pricey but given the fact Clare couldn’t drink all last December and missed out on mulled wine we wanted to be a bit more special this year.

Then of course you want to do something for the baby. Clearly you can’t give them a beer or wine one, and depending on your view you may not want to give them a chocolate one (depends on their age and the exact chocolates involved I guess). So for us we weren’t planning on giving him one really, until that is we saw a Disney Advent Calendar in Aldi and we jumped on it. Let me explain…

Baby Christmas
Inside of the Advent Calendar

We love reading books to N, and we are really keen for him to enjoy reading as much as we do. Therefore when you see an advent calendar which comes with 24 little books to read, one each night, it really was a no brainer. Clearly I haven’t read any yet (it’s November!) but the whole thing looks amazing as you can see in the photos. Based on what I’ve seen of it so far I couldn’t recommend this enough, and it was only £9.99.


Babies love lights.

The whole sensory thing is so popular at the moment and N really enjoys it. So what better opportunity to put lights up for your baby than Christmas? Put them on your tree, perhaps flashing or not. Perhaps coloured or white. Maybe get some lights on your house to enjoy when you get back from a fab day out.

Plus of course let’s not forget going down that special road seemingly near everyone where people go crazy for it. In fact we’ve one not far from us that has been in the press quite a bit for their amazing lights. The sort of road where people seem to be a bit competitive and try to out-do each other, but that’s great for random walkers to see the lights! I definitely think having Christmas lights outside your house is a stipulation before you buy a house there!

Christmas Dinner

This one depends on how far down the weaning journey you are of course.

However, on the principle that you can do it consider getting a special Christmas tray from Matalan for your little ones Christmas dinner. How lovely for everyone to be sat up at the table together having Christmas dinner. Of course it may be mashed up a bit, or ripped to tiny pieces, but that’s not the point. It’s about sharing the occasion and making it special for your baby with an amazing meal.

Plus, maybe your baby will love seeing you with a Christmas hat on from a cracker (but be conscious of the bangs!)!

Christmas Outfit

Nope, I’m not just talking about your child here, I’m talking about you!

Baby Christmas
Here’s his Christmas outfit!!

Wear something your child will love!

Perhaps a top with baubles, or one of those jumpers you can put your phone in for a fake fire, or one with lights on it. Wear something they will find amazing and you’ll love it. Plus, of course, you need to dress them up too. Maybe an Elf outfit, a Father Christmas one or a snowman.

Anything really that is Christmassy as you’ll just love it and smile when you see them.


Of course some presents are wonderful to give to your baby. The important thing to remember though is that they’re just that, a baby. In my opinion there’s no need to get them loads of things but it’s very easy to get carried away!

It could be worth buying them things they can use in six months time rather than right now, for example. Then just put things away for a bit. Maybe buy really colourful wrapping paper, perhaps the odd bow. Things that’ll make their presents attractive so they want to rip into them. How amazing to see them rip into presents and start playing with them! Fantastic! The more interesting it looks the more they will go for it.


It’s so important to be able to remember occasions like Christmas when they’re older, to be able to show them. Take plenty of photos. You clearly won’t regret it.

Plus, let’s be honest, if you want to take one good photo you take about fifty anyway so automatically you’ll be taking loads! Conversely though, don’t watch Christmas through your phone, be present.

There are other ways to make memories too, like things you buy that say “1st Christmas” as I’ve done from the Spurs shop. Or decorations for the tree with your child’s name on them. Getting decorations for their first Christmas means you can put it out every single year and those memories will come flooding back.

Any More?

What are your tips to make Christmas with a baby special?

What did you do?

I’ve come up with six good tips here that are so easy to do. I hope you try some of them out if you haven’t already.

I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas!

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