First Halloween

We’ve never really been that big into Halloween in our house (not while I was growing up either). We were one of those couples that would generally get some sweets but hope that nobody would come knocking on our door for Trick or Treat. In the UK as a whole we are nothing like in the US for how much they love Halloween, but it certainly seems to be growing in popularity over here.

In fact I had never carved a pumpkin until my mid thirties, and we never had one as a child.

Now having a child though it makes it more exciting than it ever has been before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giddy with excitement, but I am looking forward to when N is older and seeing his reactions to the various things that happen at Halloween. Maybe going Trick or Treating to see Grandpa!

So what does his first Halloween look like?

Halloween Costume

Clearly one of the benefits of having a child is to dress them up in cute outfits isn’t it? We’ve already got his Christmas outfit ready (this is what happens when you have an organised wife and a baby that’s asleep!).

Or perhaps buying outfits that are funny is another benefit of having a baby?

So when it comes to Halloween why would that be any different?

It wouldn’t. In fact, it’s one of only two or three occasions in the year when it’s right to dress children up in cute outfits that make them look adorable.

But what did we go for?

There’s so much choice it’s fantastic. Some of the options included:

  • Harry Potter outfit (not got this for Halloween but we did for World Book Day next year – see, super organised!)
  • Skeleton
  • Ghost
  • Ghostbusters
  • Witch/wizard
  • Pumpkin
  • A bat
  • Spider
  • Vampire
  • Frankenstein

Plus so many other options out there. It really is great to have so much choice.

In the end we decided on a skeleton. He looks so cute in it! It’s just a shame that he will only wear it this year but sometimes when you have a child you have to get into these things knowing they won’t wear the stuff again.

Halloween Pumpkin

N loves our cat Rocky. Every time he comes into the room he giggles and gives out a high pitched squeal of delight. You can see it coming, he take a big breath in, sticks his arms out wide, twitches with excitement and lets out a very high pitched squeal. It’s absolutely adorable. His little fingers twitch with excitement!

Halloween pumpkin carving
My second pumpkin I’ve ever carved…

As such, what better thing to do than make a pumpkin lantern in the shape of a cat. It’s not the best I’m sure but I’ve never said I’m an artist. It took me about an hour to do.

What do you think? Any good?

N seemed to like it. We turned the lights out and let him sit and look at it. He looked quite confused to be honest and just stared at it and then looked at me, then stared at it and looked at me. Then Rocky came in and stood in front of the pumpkin and N was immediately distracted from my carving and just looked at the cat. See, that’s why I did a cat, he loves Rocky!

Halloween Party

No, we didn’t just have a party for the three of us (though why not if we wanted to!).

Instead we went to a Halloween party with our NCT friends. There were three babies that were able to make it last weekend. It was so cute watching them all play together and enjoy themselves, and how they are all developing in different ways.

It’s fantastic to see.

They ate loads, all sitting on a mat on the floor grabbing at food in front of them. Then they had green gloop (jelly) on trays that they messed with. This they seemed to love and got very messy!

Then they played for the rest of the afternoon.

For us this was after a trip to Liverpool to see family so it was part of a fantastic weekend.

N was so very tired when we got home after the party. He only had one sleep for about an hour or so on party day. He was clearly just so excited!

Nursery Fun

Of course being in nursery they love to take part in all things like Halloween and get the kids involved as much as possible. Just because N is a baby that’s no exception!

Halloween decorations
Our best Halloween decorations ever!

He went in his Halloween outfit of course (good to get some use out of it!) and they made some buns! Yes, his first ever baking/cooking! Actually, it was quite nice and came home in a special Halloween bag too so it looked amazing. Also, last week they started early by getting him to do a painting of some pumpkins. Clearly he had no help in this at all (*ahem*) and is just a skilled artist!

He Makes All The Difference

We wouldn’t have done anything for Halloween if it wasn’t for N. Literally nothing. As you can see though we did quite a bit compared to normal.

Having a baby really makes you want to do things you normally wouldn’t just to see them smile and give them amazing experiences.

Bring on Christmas!!

How was your Halloween? Did you have an amazing time?

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