First Nursery Day

So N has started going to nursery now. What a momentous occasion this is!

Our little boy is going to nursery!

Fingers crossed we’ve picked a great nursery, it certainly looks that way from what we can see and who we have spoken to. I wrote a post about how to pick a great nursery recently (here), and I think we’ve got it right for N!

I decided to take the day off work to try and help Clare today. Understandably it’s difficult for the main stay at home caregiver to ‘let go’ and hand over your baby to nursery. As such, spending the day together would hopefully help!

What He Did

Firstly, and probably most important to him is food. He loves his food!

He started with Shreddies which he has never had before. He had 30 of them (they counted!), which for a baby seems to be quite a bit. This is part of what we both love about him going to nursery…he will have so many different experiences there than he does at home. This was simply demonstrated within the first ten minutes of getting there with Shreddies. It’s a small thing of course but a good example!

Then he had cheese and crackers, chicken and vegetable casserole followed by ice cream, then home made soup and a bread roll.

He played well all day, including playing peekaboo when the other babies were having a nap (naughty N for not having a longer nap!) and we actually got a video of him playing this! He did at least get some sleep though. He had two naps but neither were as long as he would have normally. Proper FOMO this lad!

He played well with the other babies there too which was great to see.

The End Of The Day

We collected him at about 16:30. We’d had enough of sitting there hanging on just waiting to see him again. Yes, we missed him loads!

When we collected him we got a slip of paper detailing what he had done in the day, what he had eaten and the nappy changes. We’d also collected two small bags of dirty clothes! He’d gone ‘through’ on his first day.


However, the nursery staff seem to love him which makes you feel happy that he is going there. If he knew of the exciting things coming his way there in the years to come I’m sure he’d be thrilled!

It’s A Great Start!

We are so pleased that N has started at nursery well and settled in. It’s a worry when you leave your child to be looked after by someone else, especially when they don’t know N. You just don’t know how they will react. To see how he has taken to it and smiling makes us more comfortable.

How can I see him smiling? There’s an app that the nursery updates during the day showing what he’s up to and what he has done, including a video. It’s fantastic.

What was it like when you took yours for their first nursery day? Was it difficult? How did your child get on?

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