#MySundayPhoto – First Night Out Out!

Our first date night! Wow, we had an amazing time, but let’s go back a little step before I get into the details…

N is nine months old now (just) and it’s not surprising that having a baby massively changes your life. No matter whether you think you’ll be able to continue much of what you did in your pre-baby life, the fact is that you will change your life in a huge way when you’ve had a baby and you will have to stop doing some stuff.

Our pre-baby life involves going out for a lot of meals. We were very lucky to be able to go out maybe three times per week for evening meals and generally lunches at the weekend. We were fortunate that we could do that. In part we felt we should take advantage while we didn’t have kids as we wouldn’t be able to do this when we do have children quite as much.

How true that was!

It has been over nine months since I and Clare have gone out for a meal by ourselves. We’ve been to the cinema and had an afternoon in a Spa for Clare’s birthday present, but not been on a meal out proper date.

Having had a difficult week (Clare has a fracture in her foot, our boiler has broken and N has not been well) I decided to organise a night out without telling her. Brownie points for me!

What We Did…

Grandpa was available to come and babysit thankfully. We put N to bed at around the usual time and got ourselves ready whilst also making Grandpa his tea.

First Night Out
Us on our night out

We had a reservation at 8pm (organised that late so we knew N would be in bed and Grandpa wouldn’t have to do that bit) at Estabulo, one of those places with a buffet of food and then they bring meat on skewers round to you to see if you want something. Fillet mignon, garlic steak, minted lamb, chicken thighs…all sorts of things. I think there were 15 different meats in total to try, plus a great buffet, and halloumi. Oh how we love halloumi!

Plus (and this is always a winner for me) when we happened to mention to a waiter in idle chat that it was our first date night since having a baby he insisted on bringing us a shot of something. I don’t know what it was (and I never ask with these things. It’s a free drink, happy days!) but it was nice!

After that we found ourselves a bar and got ourselves a couple of drinks, followed by a coffee and headed home.

We didn’t want to be out too late so that Grandpa wasn’t late getting home. Plus we weren’t sure what N was going to be like as he has played up the last couple of nights as he has a cold.

Having got back we found Grandpa watching a Christmas film on some random Christmas TV channel he had found! Maybe he is excited for his Christmas presents from Santa!!

It was a great night, thoroughly enjoyable and one that we will have to wait a bit to do again!!

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