Dad Blog Posts of the Week – 28th September 2018

What Dad Needs To Know About The School Run

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This is funny as this Dad refers to how it felt, like he was going back to school himself. How he thought the headmaster might come and tell him off. I can understand that!

There are some great tips here. Again, N is far too young but some of you may find this useful if your little ones have just started school. I particularly like the emphasis in many of the tips on getting involved with the school. Get stuck in as much as you can, I’m sure you’ll be rewarded in many ways.

Take a read. Are any of these tips useful for you?

5 Things Every Stay At Home Dad Is Sick Of Hearing

Blogger: The Out Of Depth Dad

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Not being a stay at home Dad it’s interesting to hear the thoughts of one and see what other people say to him.

Many of these, interestingly enough, non-stay at home dads have mentioned hearing before now too, but not all. What’s interesting though is reading these as a Dad myself. Many of these are just offensive. They’re not funny, not amusing in any way. They are just offensive and show a level of ignorance of the modern world.

Take a read. The first three are particularly offensive.

Dads Need “Me Time” Too

Blogger: Dynamic Dad

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As this post says when you go into it, this does really apply to any parent. In this particular post the author is referring mainly to the parent who goes out to work.

At times I think every parent needs time to themselves. I also think it’s good for the children to see the parents going out socialising, having time to themselves. It’s healthy to do your own thing sometimes and helps you to come back refreshed for the challenges ahead.

It’s an interesting read this one and gives you pause for thought. Take a look…

When The Nap Gets Sacked. Mourning The Loss Of My Son’s Siestas

Blogger: The Out Of Depth Dad

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It comes to all parents. I’m a long way off this yet as N is too young, but at some point he will stop having a nap. As exciting as that will be and as much as that will save us thinking about fitting in a nap time, it will be some relief when he does stop napping during the day.

However, at times the naps are a time to just sit down and pause. To have an uninterrupted drink. To have a snack. To watch that TV programme that you’re addicted to. These pauses during the day really help you keep going and recharge your batteries. When they stop, it will be non-stop!

Read this dads thoughts for his thoughts on the loss of nap time….

As A Parent We…

Blogger: DIY Daddy

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A great summary of being a parent...
A great summary of being a parent…

This is a beautiful summary of the things us parents do.

In essence this post starts each paragraph with the words “As a parent” and goes on to describe many of the great things we do for our children. It’s a great round up of being a parent. The first one is especially true! Check it out…

If you see any good posts let me know.

If you would like to see my last post summarising Dad blog posts just click here.

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